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Comment Re:Waitwhat. (Score 1) 102

Would you call that deep experience in securing systems, or rather deep experience in not securing them, even actively making them weaker, and not talking about that fact? It's like saying a butcher has deep experience about what animals need to be alive; technically true, but that doesn't make a butcher a great veterinarian.

Comment Waitwhat. (Score 5, Insightful) 102

We have deep experience in protecting our national infrastructure

I beg your pardon? This coming from the fuckwits who insist on just about everything having unfixed holes and/or backdoors? Unless by "deep experience" they are referring to having their heads up their asses, I call BS.

What do you think would increase security more, in the long run - firewalls by the NSA, or firing squads for the NSA? Sad thing is, what starts out as a polemic rhetorical question is actually not that easy to answer, now is it.

Comment Re:What's good for the goose (Score 1) 573

the government DID NOT kill or imprison them all

in 1970 the US military killed college students

Why is this at +5, and the post you replied to at 0? It should be the reverse. There is the difference between "killing some" and "killing all", which in this case is the difference between a good point and a strawman.

I find it shameful to use this incident to argue for defeatism and rolling over in advance, when the very people who faced it back then did NOT:

I doubt what happened at Kent State even put a dent in the protests, maybe even the opposite.

If everybody protests, who is going to do the killing? You're aware the leaders of the world are depending on a lot of misled people working for them, right? Chauffeurs, pilots, cops, soldiers, doctors, nurses... the list is very long, and the so called elite are basically sitting ducks once the lies wear off.

Comment Chomsky on Glass (Score 1) 211

emphasis mine:

"Meanwhile, in the course of this "Terrorist Generation" campaign, for Obama to claim, "you know, I'm really worried about terrorists, so I have to to read -- well, they claim they don't read it -- I have to get information about your email, where you are, who you're talking to, what you have on Facebook; I've gotta put that on my big database"... actually, we're moving into a world which was described, pretty accurately I think, by one of the founders of Google... I don't know if you followed the stories about Google Glass? Well, Google has some new, ridiculous thing, they're marketing glasses which have a small computer on them. So you can be on the internet 24 hours a day, just what you want. It's a way of destroying people, but quite apart from that, this little device has a camera, and presumably, if it doesn't already it will soon have a recorder, which means that everything that's going on around you, goes up on the internet. Some reporter asked Erich Schmidt, didn't he think this was an invasion of privacy, and his answer was exactly right, comes right out of the Obama administration, he said: "If you're doing anything that you don't want to be on the internet, you shouldn't be doing it." This is a dream that Orwell couldn't have concocted. We're moving into it, and it's not the only case. if you read the technical journals, there's more stuff coming along. So, for example, right now there are corporations that are concerned about using computers with components made in China, because it's technically possible to build into the hardware devices which will record what the computer is doing and send it to those bad guys. well, the articles don't point out that if the Chinese can do it, we can do it better, and probably are, so it may end up in Obama's database the next time you hit the computer."

-- Noam Chomsky, source:

Comment Many people are pretty much full of shit... (Score 1) 926

... and they're running away from that. They're really not afraid of X or Y, but rather of having to look at themselves, and prefer their little pretend fears to that. The more power you have, the more this applies to you. People in power simply passing on some of the fear that rules their lives.

What do you think makes people lust for power in the first place? Impotence, fear, inability to love -- from a distance those are one and the same thing, so calling it fear is "not wrong".

Submission + - Obama's promise to "Protect Whisleblowers" disappears from the web

An anonymous reader writes: The Obama administration's campaign site has been removed, a possible reason Sunlight Foundation comments may be that a statement from the Administration that outlined the protection of Whistleblowers, "Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government." when the exact opposite has occurred and Obama is threatening trade sanctions against countries who give Edward Snowden asylum.

Comment Re:And the funny bit is... (Score 0) 166

While speaking of hipocrisy, why do you hold different outrage for the abuse of non-US citizens versus US citizens? :P

Also, this stuff goes way beyond partisan politics, and has been going on for longer than even Bush. Don't waste time with petty finger-pointing. Yes, boo for falling for Obama. But also no points for being against Obama by default, just because you "are Republican" (this is all bullshit, you are the person your mother gave birth to, the rest are labels made by assholes to catch fools with, and don't you ever forget that).

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