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Comment Re: Vampirism (Score 1) 178

I don't give two fucks if it's natural, but I recognize deluded, selfish junkies when I see 'em. The idea is that it's better for 100 people to live 100 years each, than for me to live 10000 years. The idea is to shit, get off the pot, and let someone else have a turn.

Instead of being cancer.

Just like power, longer lives will be utterly wasted by those who crave them the most. The people who would be pleasurable to have around longer, are fine with playing a mere not in a symphony. The people who do want it, are generally too fucked in the head to be allowed to get it.

Comment Re: Maybe not extinction... (Score 1) 608

"Makers are Evil, Takers are Good?"

You are either a shill or a moron, and this whole subthread is a festering infection of fuckwits.

What has been created by this half century of massive corporate propaganda is what's called "anti-politics". So that anything that goes wrong, you blame the government. Well okay, there's plenty to blame the government about, but the government is the one institution that people can change... the one institution that you can affect without institutional change. That's exactly why all the anger and fear has been directed at the government. The government has a defect - it's potentially democratic. Corporations have no defect - they're pure tyrannies. So therefore you want to keep corporations invisible, and focus all anger on the government. So if you don't like something, you know, your wages are going down, you blame the government. Not blame the guys in the Fortune 500, because you don't read the Fortune 500. You just read what they tell you in the newspapers... so you don't read about the dazzling profits and the stupendous dizz, and the wages going down and so on, all you know is that the bad government is doing something, so let's get mad at the government.

-- Noam Chomsky

Comment Re:The Luddite Answer (Score 1) 170

Oh, now you're going from "can't reason above grade school level" to outright kindergarten sandbox, projecting and making shit up, awww ^^

Don't feel bad though, the world is full of dumb fucks who use superficial markers to delude themselves into believing they can reason themselves out of wet paperbag, you'll blend right in.

Comment Re:Obligatory to Obligatory (Score 1) 342

That's just a bunch of strawmen and a made up assertion: "people complaining about the decline of society are contributing more to it than anyone else" - oh yeah? Nietzsche, Erich Fromm and *thousands* others will still be read, and still have something worthwhile to say, when the last mirror of xkcd has blinked out of existence. Pah.

And you know, when I thought of "career" and "frozen eggs" I had to think of that particular bit in the opening of Idiocracy. If you think I was trying to claim freezing eggs will lead to the decline of human intelligence you're an idiot. I don't even think IQ necessarily has anything to do with how wise or how idiotic people are. It's like a really fast car, you can still drive in circles with it. Just really fast, yay.

Comment Re:Assuming responsibility (Score 1) 396

You steal the docs, you're responsible for their provenance afterward. Not a hard concept.

So if you're born as a Jew in Nazi Germany, you are responsible for not registering for deportation and whatever consequences that entails? It's not a hard concept indeed, it's just that what subscribing to this logic makes you is what's the trouble here.

Further: we all agree he handed them over to the Russians, right?

What are you even talking about?! He handed all he had in bulk over to two newspapers.

I see I'm arguing with subhumans.

Debate over -- I win.

You're a dumb, cowardly fuck, is all.

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