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Comment Re:No, not really (Score 0) 390

I don't want to defend publishers "in this day and age"; however, some context is necessary. IAAS, but history plays a big part. For a long period of time in the US, authors of original and controversial works were not only unable to publish because they didn't have the means, but those that did were ostracized and in some cases persecuted for doing so. Publishers have had a large role in making good literature available to common people, and I do believe that is still true. Corporate publishers, however, are different, and have very different goals. Full disclaimer, I volunteer at a cooperatively run bookstore in MPLS, Boneshaker Books. And I'm not trolling. The guys who put out Slingshot, for example, are publishers. And if you look at the major publishing companies, they all sort of started out in the same way, but they 'capitolized'. In the end, I think they lost out. Try and ride your bike across the country and wind up at harper collins guy's house hungry and tired, you'll be treated like a criminal. Slingshot guy's house, you'll be treated like a friend. Millions of dollars might not ever be made, maybe they will. But making friends with a similar minded stranger will be a friendship that goes beyond those limits. And everyone will still keep writing. Publishers once helped, ideas spread, knowledge grow, but, now U.S. is tough. Disclaimer, I volunteer at a collective and I like riding bikes. I also run a legal business, it can be hard to keep perspectives straight between the cultures. I like writing bad slashdot comments and haikus to get my thoughts out. bda

Comment Minimal trouble. (Score 0) 357

I was born and raised on windows machines and am by no means linux literate. Six weeks ago I came into posession of a netbook with a busted hardrive. I looked into booting XP from an external, but that was too daunting, so I decided on Ubuntu. Great booting from a flash drive, but when I tried to install to external the screen size was not compatable and I could not select an image for the user. Install stopped there. After several hours of interwebbing to find a solution to the screen problem, I just scrapped and went with Xubuntu. It is my understanding that this is based on the KDE model. It works great and I like it.

Self-Contained PC Liquid Coolers Explored 86

MojoKid writes "Over the last few years an increasing number of liquid coolers have been positioned as high-end alternatives to traditional heatsink and fan combinations. This has been particularly true in the boutique and high-end PC market, where a number of manufacturers now offer liquid coolers in one form or another. These kits are a far cry from the water coolers enthusiasts have been building for years. DIY water coolers typically involve separate reservoirs and external pumps. The systems tested here, including Intel's OEM cooler that was released with their Sandy Bridge-E CPU, contain significantly less fluid and use small pumps directly integrated into the cooling block as a self-contained solution. Integrated all-in-one kits may not offer the theoretical performance of a high-end home-built system, but they're vastly easier to install and require virtually no maintenance. The tradeoffs are more than fair, provided that the coolers perform as advertised."

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 0) 148

To play the devil's advocate, I did almost get kicked out of school in '95 when a friend directed me to He told me I would find info about the Clinton's kitty kat, Socks. I browsed for a while, and it happened that the dean of students was monitoring our computers at the time, and he thought that the amount of time I spent browsing "socks" violated the voluntarty 'STOP' policy.
Data Storage

Submission + - Rare Earth Restrictions To Raise Hard Drive Cost (

MojoKid writes: "Multiple manufacturers in the IT industry have been keeping a wary eye on China's decision to cut back on rare earth exports and the impact it may have on component prices. There have been reports that suggest we'll see that decision hit the hard drive industry this year, with HDD prices trending upwards an estimated 5-10 percent depending on capacity. Although rare earth magnets are only a small part of a hard drive's total cost, China cut exports last year by 40 percent, which drove pricing for these particular components up an estimated 20-30x. China currently controls 97 percent of the rare earth elements market for popular metals like neodymium, cerium, yttrium and ytterbium."

Submission + - Thousands of Walrus Begin Early Haul-Out in Alaska (

thebchuckster writes: Prompted by receding Arctic sea ice, walruses have begun hauling out on the Alaskan shore by the thousands.

This year, the mass migration began three weeks earlier than last year, with a handful of walruses tagged by the United State Geological Survey heading to shore as early as Aug. 7. Then on Wednesday (Aug. 17), about 8,000 were spotted on or near a beach north of Point Lay, the Associated Press reported.

Comment Corporate Management... (Score 0) 295

This is just my theory.

If Facebook goes public, it will be under extreme operational legal scrutiny. Enter the lawyers writing 'corporation guidelines'. As this happens, the people who made Facebook as effective and usable as it is will lose full control of internal decisions.

The value of Facebook, even though it will continue to add users, will drop as the people who use Facebook login less, give less personal information, and spend less time viewing other's profitable 'Facertisements'.

I don't think what I did what I did six years ago as a college student are relevant to advertisers seeking my attention as a 27 year old biologist.

Comment Re:Interesting Litmus Test (Score 0) 382

IAAB. Not to be a critic, but water is not a fundamental attribute of soil. A property of soil is its ability to hold water, and water content is an attribute of a given soil at a given time, but that does not imply that the water mass of a plant comes out of the soil from which it is derived. Example: water a houseplant, then do not water it for a month. The plant will extract some water from the soil, the rest of the water will drain or evaporate. At the end of the month, you still have the same soil that you started with, but it will contain very little water, most of which has not been added to the mass of or transpired by the plant. - bodaciouswaggler

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