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Comment What? (Score 1) 293

>But seriously, people like to justify property by making it some natural right.

But seriously, people like to justify life itself by making it some natural right. Obviously, if someone could better use the oxygen you breathe, by all means, we should take it from you and give it to him.

Property is survival. A human depends on secure access to calories, and the land we grow wheat upon is now our mechanism of survival. The transition to ordered society based around agriculture is permanent.

> we don't give animals property rights to their habitats

What? And so what are we citizens to our government? Animals lucky to be allowed to live? Government is a human social construct designed to govern humans, nothing more nothing less. Perhaps you're arguing we treat them like second-class citizens? Slaves even? Weird, considering "protected" endangered species may as well have "equal" rights to us humans.

So much for a government of, for, and by the people.

If property is theft, theft from whom? Your town? Your country?

How can one steal what isn't owned?

Oh, and it's Proudhon, not Marx.


CCC Hackers Break DECT Telephones' Security 116

Sub Zero 992 writes "Heise Security (article in German) is reporting that at this year's Chaos Communications Congress (25C3) researchers in Europe's group have published an article (PDF) showing, using a PC-Card costing only EUR 23, how to eavesdrop on DECT transmissions. There are hundreds of millions of terminals, ranging from telephones, to electronic payment terminals, to door openers, using the DECT standard." So far, the Heise article's German only, but I suspect will show up soon in English translation. Update: 12/30 21:27 GMT by T : Reader Juha-Matti Laurio writes with the story in English. Thanks!

Comment Only One (Score 4, Insightful) 377

Karl Rove. Come on, give the guy some credit.

The guy ran oppo for the Republican party. They guy know who to talk to, and how to get information. He has is own databases of personal information on people - check his website and his own polling data.

He is fully capable of doing his own leg work with his own resources.

If *I* know what I would need to do to get the info needed to manipulate only one guy, Karl Rove better know, or the Republican party is overpaying him!

Comment Assumptions. (Score 4, Insightful) 377

One man having an accident, or several, perhaps dozens of people conspiring to fake said accident?

False dichotomy.

What is it with people and the assumption that sabotage requires an elaborate chess game complete with blueprints, secret agents, wiretapping, and van full of CIA listening equipment?

It takes one man with a fucking match to burn down a house.

It takes only one mechanic with a desperate need to pay his family's medical bills to snip an important wire.

Comment Power Law? (Score 0) 397

FYI: Power laws means square of the distance

60W at 2m > ? at 5m.

Well, 5/2 = 2.5 distance

60*2.5*2.5 = 375

So 375W at 5m is what the article should *really* be comparing the new system to. A two-fold increase isn't as exciting at a ten-fold, though, is it?

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