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Comment Java Is Victorious (Score -1, Flamebait) 558

What planet do these guys live on? .NET and C# are being destroyed in the market. Go to Monster.com or Dice.com and do a search on Java/J2EE/JEE versus .NET/C#. Java has won and the complexity of the platform is merely a sign of its maturity. Also, no shop uses everything--they use what they want and build their own stack. That's not something that's possible in the .NET world where, to paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any color as long as it's .NET/C#. They define the stack, not you. I gave up on Microsoft technologies in 1998 and have never spent another dime on any MS products since. I marvel that people still do, given he torrent of trojans/viruses and other malware that plague the platform.

Comment Re:Mac, Linux, anything but Microsoft (Score 1) 189

VMWare is not provided by Mac. It's a 3rd party app so your comments about what "Apple recognizes" are really meaningless.

Whatever speed improvements were made in Vista or Windows 7 are irrelevant as we dumped MS with XP.

I find it amusing to see how you Microsoft-users bend over backwards to accept all the problems that come with the MS ecosystem.

As for what I do in my free time, I will wait until the thriller novel I just turned into my agent Oct 25th is published. At one time I played games and watched sports on TV and now I have put away childish things. Go ahead and blast away, dude. When you're gray haired, you call tell your grandkids about all the games you played in your life... I'm sure they'll be really impressed. And thank you for the final "f. U." as that tells me my point hit home... Personally, I have lots to occupy my life without resorting to playing some game.

Comment Re:Mac, Linux, anything but Microsoft (Score 1) 189

All our Macs came with VMWare boot camp to allow us to run Windows but no one does. The major reason we switched to Macs was speed. Our old Windows boxes were top end but they were overwhelmed and the running the same applications on Mac is trivial. You say that Macs are not intuitive but you're forgetting that your idea of what is "intuitive" is colored by your Microsoft-centric experience. I started on Macs and then for a few years switched to Windows and then back to Macs forever.
You people who are in bed with Microsoft don't realize that it truly is better to run on mac.
You also may be right about the availability of "games" but frankly I cannot think of a less useful thing to spend my time on. If your goal is to waste your one and only life playing games, then be my guest. At the end of your life are you going to be glad you spent it chasing the Gorgon or blasting away? If that is your idea of a satisfying life then I wish you the best...

Comment Re:Mac, Linux, anything but Microsoft (Score 1) 189

Dude, I have never encountered any problems whatsoever with my Mac. All day long I do hard-core enterprise development. My company en masse switched all developers from Windows to Macs. I am not advocating Linux because I know of its desktop woes. However, I have yet to encounter any application that I couldn't use. I have no idea what you're referring to, while on my old Windows box (XP) it was a damned nightmare all the time. You have just drunk the MS kool aid and don't realize it. What is your Mac experience? I have used it back since system 7 and now of course OS X is a joy. There's a reason that Macs sold hugely this last year--people have caught on to the crap coming out of Redmond and they're not going to take it anymore. No matter what you may say, nothing on earth could induce me to go back to Windows. "Windows: It just sucks." (should be their new jingle)

Comment Re:Mac, Linux, anything but Microsoft (Score 1) 189

So, one must assume you are in complete agreement with me, since both of those products with vulnerabilities are made by Microsoft. I just wonder what rock someone must have been living under to not notice the steady stream of bad news coming out of Redmond. Microsoft just produces total and complete crap, from the first to the last byte.

Comment It Works If The Professor Made the Slides (Score 5, Interesting) 467

Speaking as a former professor who has written two entire semesters of Powerpoint lectures in Java, I think the medium is especially effective if the professor knows the material. I gave away my lectures and posted them online forever, so my students loved them. I also do not use powerpoint as just static slides. I use the animation feature to simulate the execution of code, showing (not telling) how variables are handled, how pass by value versus pass by reference works--things like that. It is really valuable if the professor is not a lazy sack of shit. That's the real problem--lazy professors. Profs who write their own lectures are anything but lazy.

Comment Re:That's a reasonably nice ending (Score 1) 260

What kind of insanity the whole thing is. The water that flows into the Arkansas river is what everybody downstream drinks. Then it goes into the ocean. No wonder the damned oceans are dying. The insanity is allowing a company to think they are profitable when their profit relies on disregarding this sort of mega pollution!

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