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Comment Re:Running E17 full time. Wouldn't use anything el (Score 1) 166

To be fair, fluxbox workspaces are the equivalent of E's multiple desktops; I don't think it has anything matching E's virtual desktops. (And yes, I do miss those sometimes.) There is therefore no edge flipping, although moving a window past the edge will move to the next workspace.

As for pagers, there is at least one out there (fbpager), but I found I didn't need a pager as much as I did with E. With a middle-click, I can pull a list of all workspaces, and all windows in any of them (similar to E, if I recall). Most importantly, the "Send To" command makes it easy to send a window to another workspace. Also, you could have the (optional) taskbar display all windows, instead of only those in the current workspace.

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