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Comment Re:Alexi Panshin (Score 1) 1130

I was scrolling down to see if anyone had beaten me to Alexei Panshin. Drat.

"Rite of Passage" is one of the great science fiction novels. There isn't anything very groundbreaking from the science angle but the characterisation and plot are brilliant.

My teenage daughter assumed that Panshin must be female because his teenage girl protagonist is so believable. Her gradual (partial) transcending of her own cultural blindness is excellently done, and the way Panshin manages to use her as a highly sympathetic POV character from what turns out to be a really quite disturbing culture is done with a lot of subtlety.

Submission + - Apple brings iPad mini (

m1ndcrash writes: Hmm, it seems Apple is trying to secure its tablet market dominance by releasing another version of iPad, rumored "mini". It is not known of the guts the new device will possess, however leaked informations suggests that the new screen will be around 8" or 20 cm. Are they going after e-readers or trying to expand the market? The history will show.
P.S. I doubt design, iOS will somehow be different from what there is out there already. Apple just likes to play with Scale & Rotate (Ctrl + T) function in Photoshop.


Submission + - App store distributing corrupt binaries (

bargainsale writes: Many recent updates from Apple's App store are crashing immediately, including Instapaper. Instapaper's creator, Marco Arment, thinks this is due to corrupt binaries being distributed.
As Angry Birds Space is among those affected, there is some hope that Apple may acknowledge the problem and fix it ...

Comment Re:Exotropia (Score 4, Informative) 404

A large proportion of the population (5% or so, and by no means limited to one-eyed people) don't have stereopsis, the ability to fuse the slightly different images from two eyes to get a three-D image. For them, all these gimmicks are (even more) worthless.

BTW lacking stereopsis is *not* the same as having no depth perception. The brain interprets many "monocular cues" subconsciously to create a sense of depth (near objects look bigger than distant objects, if you move your head, near things shift more than distant things in your field of vision, etc.) Because of this, most people without stereopsis aren't aware of lacking anything and you need to do fairly complicated tests to pick up the lack. (It's also not an all-or-nothing thing, people may have different degrees of stereopsis.) Stereopsis is really just the icing on the cake of depth perception in real life. That may be part of the reason why attempts at 3D in movies and TV aren't all that impressive, come to think of it, though I'm just guessing there.

[I'm an ophthalmologist.]

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