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Comment Re:Arrests in the UK (Score 1) 534

The problem is that other countries don't understand how easy is to be arrested, so they still use an arrest as a criteria for allowing visa-free travel.

So if you book a holiday to the US in January and are scheduled to fly in November, but get arrested in August for a bullshit reason, you're screwed. Your travel insurance company won't refund anything and the US visa process requires that you travel to one of a handful of locations (and that's only if you can get an appointment in time!)

And for companies, if I have 9 candidates for a role without arrest records and 1 who's background check comes back saying that he was arrested for violence, am I going to hire one of the 9 easy ones, or bother to go to the effort of finding out that he was defending his wife and child in his own home ?

Comment Arrests in the UK (Score 2) 534

An arrest in the UK is a big deal. Regardless of a conviction, it shows up on background checks in the future and limits the jobs you can get. The police get to keep youru DNA and your fingerprints for a number of years.

It also means that you can no longer visit certain countries on vacation or for work (including the USA) without going through an expensive and time consuming visa application process.

It's a big deal and it sucks that we're arresting so many people under these laws. Mr. Bean is right - section 5 of the public order act needs to go!

Comment Africa - grid is for backup (Score 3, Interesting) 162

Cell sites I worked in Africa run a pair of Cummins generators as their main power. In the unlikely event that both of these fail at the same time, there's a chance that the main grid might be working well enough to take over. But the fuel is the biggest priority on these sites.

At the moment, we have tankers on site at all of our NY DCs. 2 of them are on generator only, so we're topping up the tanks every 4 hours. The generators will need full overhauls when we're back on the grid properly, but for now we're keeping our clients serviced which is what matters.

Comment What an arrest means in the UK (Score 1) 606

Ignoring the fact that he plead guilty and will be sentenced, just the arrest had serious implications.

This guy now has virtually no chance of ever getting a job that requires a CRB (criminal records bureau) check (let alone an ECRB check). Every job I've had in the IT world in the last 8 years has required one, and in the current economy, if they have 10 applicants with no arrests on their record and 1 with an arrest, they're not going to take the chance on him.

It means that he can't visit many countries visa-free any more. It means that his DNA and fingerprints are on file. All this for a badly timed joke.

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