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Comment Re:Gas price probably has more to do with it. (Score 1) 635

I think that really depends on your field. There's certainly loads more work available for me in London, and the pay outside of London for similar roles with similar hours is around 20% less.

Similar properties in Stamford (only place I know well enough to compare to) are not cheaper enough to impact my mortgage and travel options are more restricted there.

Comment Re:Gas price probably has more to do with it. (Score 1) 635

> I'm always amazed at people in the US who are happy to spend more than the equivalent of one working day a week just getting to and from work.

A significant number of people in London do that and more. The average commute for the people in my office is 45 minutes unless there are delays. At least twice a week, someone has a delay extend their journey.

Comment Re:Where would we be without experts? (Score 1) 321

> they can definitely rent a two-room flat alone and afford normal food just like everyone else.

Maybe where you are, but not where I am. Many people I know in full time employment cannot afford to rent a 2 bed flat. And that's regardless of where they're from.

Most of the tradesmen I work with these days are EU migrants come to London. Some of them are quite successful and have good lives, but many others really work hard to get by and do not have what I'd consider to be a life worth living. But they acknowledge that they're just doing it for half a decade or so and then plan to move home. Plans range from outright retirement, to starting a family and a business with the seed money from here.

Comment Re:Where would we be without experts? (Score 1) 321

That's a race to the bottom though. Because they are happy to live 6 to a 2-bed house and do nothing but work for 5 years means that we all should. No family for you - the Romanians don't have one until they go back to Romania. No sports for you - the Polish don't need them, so why should you? No discretionary spending for you - the Lithuanians just save.

So now the whole country is living like that, then what happens? Well, no discretionary spending because you can't afford it means many business close. And those staff are now competing for your jobs at an even lower rate, but they're happy to live with 8 people in a 2-bed house. And so the race continues...

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