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Comment Re:Currently searching - some Brother ref (Score 2) 381

If you're getting the N then you probably won't use the USB, so you'll be fine.

If you're trying to use the scanner part of a brother MFC device on 64 bit Debian / Ubuntu / Mint, you need to be aware that the brother brscan packages install the shared objects into /usr/lib64 and sane only looks in /usr/lib.

Other than that, they're great.

Comment Re:Looks European.... cue the conspiracy... (Score 1) 302

I moved _from_ Zimbabwe many years ago, but not to the USA.

Whether you like it or not though, right now Zimbabwe has a more functional government than the USA does. It be run by a despot, against the good of its people and corrupt as all hell, but it's running. People can visit their national parks.

Comment Re:jerk (Score 1) 1440

You've never seen anyone sitting at a red light suddenly shock to attention thinking that something has changed and start to move forward? I've seen it hundreds of times. Put a pedestrian in front of them, and thud.

If you want command of a ton of steel in a public space, the least you can do is pay attention at all times.

Comment Kindle / eReader (Score 1) 166

I just want to be able to read my Kindle during takeoff and landing. I'm a nervous flyer, and having something to distract me from the mass violation of the law of gravity and the impending death that I fear every time we push away from the stand would really help!

It does keep me buying books in the airport stores though :)

Comment Re:Drudge and other U.S. bloggers are next (Score 1) 349

I was replying to
> The country most similar to US would be UK. It has a total gun ban.

That statement is a complete lie. We have many guns legally available here. I have a semi-automatic shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. My semi-auto shotgun is a cheap Turkish make, so I wouldn't trust it in a combat situation, but it does fine for wildfowling and clay shooting.

With rifles, we actually have _fewer_ restrictions on things like magazine capacity than many places in the USA. It's harder to get a rifle, but once you are licenced, accessories and magazines are fairly easy to come by.

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 552

I'm fine with information being gained under a warrant because then I know someone is looking at me.

With the US warrantless searches and gag orders where warrants are used, I can't be told that I'm being investigated. That doesn't sit well with me, so I'm avoiding US based services for new stuff and moving my existing services out of the USA.

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