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Comment Re:jerk (Score 1) 1440

You've never seen anyone sitting at a red light suddenly shock to attention thinking that something has changed and start to move forward? I've seen it hundreds of times. Put a pedestrian in front of them, and thud.

If you want command of a ton of steel in a public space, the least you can do is pay attention at all times.

Comment Kindle / eReader (Score 1) 166

I just want to be able to read my Kindle during takeoff and landing. I'm a nervous flyer, and having something to distract me from the mass violation of the law of gravity and the impending death that I fear every time we push away from the stand would really help!

It does keep me buying books in the airport stores though :)

Comment Re:Drudge and other U.S. bloggers are next (Score 1) 349

I was replying to
> The country most similar to US would be UK. It has a total gun ban.

That statement is a complete lie. We have many guns legally available here. I have a semi-automatic shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. My semi-auto shotgun is a cheap Turkish make, so I wouldn't trust it in a combat situation, but it does fine for wildfowling and clay shooting.

With rifles, we actually have _fewer_ restrictions on things like magazine capacity than many places in the USA. It's harder to get a rifle, but once you are licenced, accessories and magazines are fairly easy to come by.

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 552

I'm fine with information being gained under a warrant because then I know someone is looking at me.

With the US warrantless searches and gag orders where warrants are used, I can't be told that I'm being investigated. That doesn't sit well with me, so I'm avoiding US based services for new stuff and moving my existing services out of the USA.

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 2) 552

rsync is nothing at all like time machine.

Look a little harder into the versioning aspects of time machine and let me know how to make rsync do that.

And when you've done that, please let me know how to get rsync to manage space and remove the oldest backup first when a full backup cannot complete.

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