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Comment Re:How is this even possible? (Score 1) 193

DVLA? High CIA impact levels ? Surely you jest! That organisation is like a sieve when it comes to information that should be privileged leaking all over the place.

And don't get me started on having to call an 0871 number at p per minute to talk to someone that I am legally obliged to have to deal with.


Comment Re:Your aim must be excellent! (Score 1) 558

In my case, it's because I'm a small person. I used to live in a high-crime country (South Africa) and the people hijacking you and invading your home will often hurt you really badly. Some of this is because of the arms race - they want to hurt you before you hurt them because you might be armed. But part of it is also because life is cheap in poverty ridden places.

I'd love to know of a reliable way to stop 2 intruders in a non-lethal way before they can hurt or kill me and rape my wife. But until then, I'd rather have the chance to shoot back.

Comment Re:Hardly (Score 1) 658

I'm not the OP, but my last upgrade was CS3. I was going to buy CS6, but Adobe wouldn't sell me an upgrade from CS3 to CS6 after December 2012.

So my last upgrade cost me £180 for 5 years. Under the new system, it will cost me 5x that amount.

I'm like many smaller business users - I only upgrade when there are features that justify the upgrade. Often that is only ever 2 or 3 versions.

Comment Re:Great an image laundering scheme for big busine (Score 1) 230

For this reason I don't think companies will be too quick to start using random images they find online. The risk of being sued and having to pay out if the copyright owner comes forward makes it unattractive.

Why would you think this? Companies regularly steal images online today even with full attribution, knowing that they are violating copyright. In light of that, why do you think that they would stop when it's become even easier for them ?

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