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Comment Re:Article and grandparent are just wrong. (Score 1) 361

Furthermore, the lethal range of the radiation from nuclear weapons in space is tremendously large -- many hundreds, if not thousands, of miles.

Yes, actually the range is effectively infinite, but you have forgotten one VERY important thing - The inverse square law. As the distance from the explosion increases, the amount of energy/gamma rays hitting you decreases, and it decreases FAST.

People have already put together calculators for playing around with this kinda stuff - and generally speaking, outside of 5-10 kilometers, the worst that will happen is a singed paintjob.

Comment Re:Matter of framing (Score 3, Insightful) 272

And, in the realm of censorship, Germany seems to have the most sense

Yeah, sure. So long as you aren't wearing any Nazi symbols, or showing Nazi symbols in a game, or showing too much violence/blood in a game or...

Of course, German residents will [in typical fashion] defend such actions on the part of the government, but the way I see it, if Nazism is bad enough that there's enormous backlash against it in Germany, you shouldn't even NEED to censor it. People can make up their own goddamn minds.

Really, all the censorship serves to do is flush it under a rug. The people who want to openly support Nazism [or anything else] should be free to do so, and I should be equally free to deride those people for their beliefs.

Trying to hide it under the rug doesn't work, and should not be something that a "free and democratic" society should even consider doing.

Comment Not confusing me (Score 2, Informative) 543

I'm confused.

This (from TFA and Activision):

The scene establishes the depth of evil and the cold bloodedness of a rogue Russian villain and his unit. By establishing that evil, it adds to the urgency of the player's mission to stop them.

Does not equal this (from TFS):

Footage shows the player engaged in killing civilians with terrorists

Which one is it (or is it both somehow)? This sounds like a bunch of uproar over a cutscene nobody understands the context of.

It seems pretty simple: You play as a terrorist for one mission, and then the next mission you play as a counter terrorist.

I saw this leaked video even before there was much commentary or controversy on it, and this point was still exceedingly clear. You seem to be trying to imply that Infinity Ward is pulling a fast one, when they clearly are not.

Comment In other news... (Score 2, Interesting) 124

Other gaming companies are embracing the idea of open source and digital distribution, for example: Catalyst Game Labs. More importantly, their open source release of Eclipse Phase, and perhaps even unofficial support for the fan-made MegaMek/MekWars for their Battletech line.

Meanwhile companies like WizKids and Games Workshop continue to show their complete disdain for their customers and the fans of their products as well as their utter inability to properly market their games. Which is especially evidenced by the utter failure of WizKids' "Mech Clix" line for Battletech, and arguably evidenced by Games Workshops' constant price increases for Warhammer 40k; Catalyst seems to be going in completely the opposite direction - embracing digital distribution and open source in ways essentially unheard of in this day and age.

Comment Re:Some would call X3 the successor... (Score 1) 159

This is why the "realistic" space sim zealots will never be happy. If a company ever actually gave them the game they wanted, one that was truly realistic as per our current understanding of physics and such, it'd be way too boring to actually play.

As one of those "Space Realism Zealots" I can tell you flat out that you're wrong. Realism doesn't make the game boring, it makes the game different, and what I'm seeing you do, is equating different with bad.

A good example of how you can make realistic space combat fun would be the tabletop wargame Attack Vector: Tactical. Here are some battle reports to give an idea what it plays like.

Heck, the biggest complaint against AV:T has more to do with the rules being fairly complex than anything about the actual gameplay. Those same complex rules are easily dealt with when applied to a computer game. A computer can perform a range-angle lookup instantly and far more exactly than someone using a ruler and the supplied play aid for AV:T can.

As you can clearly see in the above links, there is nothing about realism that prevents you from maneuvering around and using tactics in space. You just didn't know it could be like that, and assumed all realistic space combat was boring. Space isn't like flight, and it isn't like sailing in the ocean or under the sea, or fighting on land, it's a completely different medium that has its own unique effects on the way combat would work. Just because it doesn't copy WWII naval battles doesn't mean it sucks.

Comment Re:I can't be the only one (Score 1) 705

The aliens did not stage a revolt using their superior technology because they were stupid drones who lacked initiative. This was all explicitly stated near the beginning of the movie, and repeatedly demonstrated throughout it (e.g. trading the mech-suit for a hundred cans of cat food).

Who's the more stupid? The Prawns who essentially gave away a combat suit for 100 cans of cat food, or the Nigerians who gave away 100 cans of cat food for a combat suit they can't even use?

Comment Re:Link? (Score 1) 433

He's actually talking about a 4chan meme, I guess you could call it something like "Rules of the Internet". Rule #1 is never talk about 4chan. Or alternatively replace 4chan with /b/ or fight club.

Rule 34 is "There is porn of it. No exceptions." or some other wording to the same effect. I can attest to having seen a can of mountain dew with a penis ejaculating onto a sandwich, so if there's anything that's actually accurate, it's rule 34.

Comment Re:Doing their part to reduce traffic! (Score 1) 882

I've always wanted a law that billed people who cause accidents on major freeways (or their estates, as the case may be) the average hourly wage for that state multiplied by the number of total hours lost due to their actions. For example, if some asshole gets into a fender bender on 95 because he was fucking with his goddammed cell phone and 10,000 people are delayed for an hour and the average wage in Maryland is $17/hour then he (or his estate) owes $170,000 which can then be used to fund hypertension treatment facilities and meditation centers in the state.

Yeah, and a deer runs out onto the road, you hit it, lose control. Hey you won't mind that $170,000 on top of the cost of replacing your car, will you?

Quite frankly I find your idea stupid.

Comment Re:Mood rings! (Score 1) 347

So, since this light is directly related to biological processes, that means in theory it should be tied to mood.

I'm not really following your logic on that. You may as well have said "in theory it should be tied to how often they brush their teeth." Your connection between the two seems to be the unstated assumption that 'happy people glow', and following that, since happy people glow, and this study shows that people emit light in various amounts, then the brighter ones are happy.

Here's my own theory: More light being emitted would probably be a result of more energy in the system, so an individual with more than the average number of ongoing chemical reactions would be giving off more light than other people. Variations in light intensity could be explained by something as simple as whether or not the person's digestive system is currently breaking down food.

Comment Re:Woo-hoo (Score 2, Informative) 229

Just wanted to point out a few things here:

The "Mad Cat" is the inner sphere designation for the clan Timber Wolf. It was named such because it looks like a cross between a Marauder and a Catapult.

Further, the Timber Wolf is an Omni-mech, it was specifically designed for alternative weapon loadouts. Which is to say, it doesn't have any problems with ammo or missiles going in specific locations, because the whole thing is modular. A Timber Wolf Prime carries the iconic LRM 20's, while the Timber Wolf A only carries a single SSRM 6 in the right torso.

So essentially your statement that

the MadCat designers (in canon) would not find the need to place ammo feeds into the arms (where the PPCs were located) or high-power conduits to the missile pods.

Is entirely wrong. In fact, the clans liked the ability to change and customize loadouts so much that they've relegated all non-omni mechs to second-line status.

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