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Comment Re:Just what we need! (Score 1) 231

I think they would just wire the cars with a speed limiter based on the current street's speed limit... just so long as the car doesn't suddenly slow down to 25 on a freeway overpass because the road under the bridge has a lower speed limit.

Why would they do that? When the OP's suggestion would allow the government to generate revenue with a reduced expenditure, while yours would reduce the amount of revenue the government gets from traffic law violation tickets.

Comment Re:No one will own cars (Score 4, Interesting) 231

The bureaucrats hope you are correct. It will be much easier to control people who do not have their own means of transportation that allows them to go where they want when they want. In the world you envision, you will only be able to go to places that the cars are programmed to go to and only when they are programmed to allow you to go there. That world would be distinctly divided into three classes: the elites, who for the most part can go where they want and get to decide where the second class are given access (these would be mostly government functionaries); the common folk, who are expected to meekly accept the limits established by the elites; and the criminal class, who hack the transportation system (or pay someone to do it for them) in order to go to places that are otherwise off limits to them.
We would get there incrementally.

Comment Re:Raising the minimum wage is worse than useless (Score 1) 583

The question you have to ask is, why have all attempts to do this on a larger scale failed completely? I would argue that the reason is that such a program is too readily gamed when it is done on a large scale (either by bureaucrats padding their numbers, or by participants who should not be eligible, or by other forms of scam). On a small scale such things might work because people are shamed for being free loaders unless they have a good reason (new mothers caring for their children, students who are still in school, etc). On a large scale people are able to either disguise the fact that they are abusing the system, or they are surrounded by people abusing the system (the former is especially true of those who are able to gain an income from the system because of political connections).
Personally, I believe that I can more effectively provide for the needy by choosing where my money is used to help those in need than a bureaucrat can. I, also, believe that it is immoral to force others, who do not share my moral convictions, to help the needy.

Comment Re:This is blatantly illegal (Score 1) 464

Well, when your lawyer contacts them they will quickly explain that you misunderstood and arrange for an activation code to allow you to install it. In all probability if you jump through enough hoops they will do that before your lawyer contacts them, but they will count on most people giving up and switching to the subscription model.

Comment Re:Get on with it! (Score 1) 583

Actually, my problem is with me being required to help pay for someone else to murder their child.
Basically, you are saying that the First Amendment does not mean anything. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,..." You will notice that there is no difference between the wording protecting the free exercise of your religion and the wording preventing Congress from abridging your freedom of speech. If Congress can require me to pay for someone else to have an abortion, they can require me to make statements supporting policies that I think are wrong.

Comment Re:Raising the minimum wage is worse than useless (Score 1) 583

the problem is that you don't have a right to food, health care, or housing.

Exactly what do you mean by a "right to food, health care, or housing"? What does that mean? Do you mean that you have the right to have someone provide you with those? If so, who is forced to do the work necessary to provide you with them?

Comment Re:Get on with it! (Score 3, Informative) 583

Alternatively you can obstruct him at every turn and show that you are hypocrites that talk democracy and freedom

So, what you are proposing is that Congressmen prove that they are in favor of democracy by voting the opposite of the way their constituents elected them to vote and that they are in favor of freedom by voting to support a man who believes that the government can order you to act against your religious beliefs?
Considering that polls consistently show that more U.S. citizens oppose Obama's policies than support them, I am not sure how you get the idea that voting for his policies represents democracy in action.

Comment Re:Making Peace? (Score 2) 270

As I said, the difference is so great that using the German reunification as a model does not provide much useful information. There is one important difference that is often overlooked. East Germans had a fairly accurate understanding of West German lifestyle and expected to rapidly attain it after unification. It is unlikely that North Koreans have any idea what the South Korean lifestyle looks like and thus is less likely to harbor expectations of reaching it quickly upon reunification. Personally, I have no idea what a post reunification Korea would look like, except to believe that the improvements for North Koreans (except for those who are among the elites there currently) would be much greater than the losses for South Koreans.

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