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Submission + - Canonical ominously hints at product release (

ZarathustraDK writes: "A mysterious countdown has appeared on the frontpage of Ubuntu's homepage, pointing to the imminent release of some new Canonical/Ubuntu-related product. The countdown makes no small effort to conceal that whatever it is, it is touch-related.

So what is it? A phone? A tablet? Ubuntu on Android? An office-stressball?

Side-question: How do you make stuff like this not sound astroturfy?"


Submission + - Ubuntu TV unveiled (

Barence writes: "Canonical has unveiled the first screenshots and details of Ubuntu TV. Plans for versions of the Linux distro for tablets, smartphones and TVs were unveiled last year, and now the television is — perhaps surprisingly — the first of those to arrive. "It's a simple viewing experience for online video, both your own and routed over the internet," Jane Silber, Canonical's CEO told PC Pro. Movie streaming services will be supported as well as live television broadcasts. Ubuntu TV will be integrated into television sets, but Canoncial was unable to confirm any manufacturers. It will be released later this year."

Comment Re:I love Ubuntu, but Ubuntu One is useless (Score 1) 125

Here are my primary uses of Ubuntu One:

1) Sync files that I might want to load from another computer of my mobile phone. I do this with my ebooks and FBReader on Android.

2) Sync Tomboy notes, which I can view from any computer or my mobile phone using Tomdroid. Having your notes available anytime, anywhere, is extremely useful.

3) Sync photos taken on my mobile phone to my laptop automatically. Syncing videos takes a little manual work, but I'm told that's being resolved.

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