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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 5, Insightful) 456

This has nothing to do with a "communist dictatorship" (though it should be noted that China is about as far from communism as can be), it has everything to do with companies in the wealthy part of the world using workers in poorer parts of the world as virtual slave labor. It is the epitome of capitalism, for owners to make as much money as possible simply by virtue of already having a lot of it, while paying their workers as little as they can possibly get away with.

Comment Re:Underlying assumption (Score 1) 500

The margin of error may not be 0%, but given a properly implemented system it can be as close to zero as is possible given the quality of the data (ballots). We use hand counting here in Sweden as well, the election night count is done at the polling stations in public with observers and double checks, etc. Then in the week following the election a control count is performed centrally in each county. Granted, Sweden is a small country, but we also have about 80% of people voting and we do the national, county and commune elections on the same day. I would think the system would scale given that the count is performed locally in each county, not nationally.

Comment Re:Also don't worry too much about it (Score 1) 340

A very short-sighted and ideological decision of course, the current government seems to want to sell all property of the state no matter what the long-term conseuqences. Vin & Sprit would have generated more than that over X number of years or the purchaser wouldn't have bought it. I'm only waiting for the decision to sell off LKAB...

Comment Re:Got this wrong.. (Score 1) 1184

My parents' Citroen Berlingo gets about 5 liters/100 km on average, the equivalent of about 47 miles per gallon, and it has plenty of space for five passengers + a whole bunch of baggage. Your 180 kg motorcycle should be able to get at least 100 mpg unless they use some really crappy engines on those things.

Comment Re:Soviet tradtions (Score 1) 164

Go back to your cave and read a book for once, maybe then you can construct a coherent argument and not just spout a bunch of ignorant rhetoric.

Comment Re:Soviet tradtions (Score 1) 164

Um, do you have any idea what Communism even means or have you attended an American school all your life? No one has ever applied Communism because Communism is literally a stateless and classless society. The Soviet Union was in no way Communist, it had a authoritarian state and a ruling class after all, but it served their interests (keeping power) to call themselves such and it served the interests of the US to call them that (to demonize anyone who would oppose the capitalist elite as sympathizing with the "enemy").

Comment Re:Mission option: staffing agencies (Score 2) 239

Well not quite. They do have the elevation of the "free market" to some sort of infallible "god" status in common, but neoconservatism seems much more concerned with things like nationalism and social conservatism whereas neoliberalism is pretty much only concerned with economics. Classic neoliberal ideas are things like "free trade" (exploit workers in the third world for peanuts and keep workers on the homefront from demanding their worth, knowing their jobs can be offshored), the "natural unemployment rate" (the point at which workers are too afraid to loose their jobs to organize and better their conditions but not high enough to cause social instability and too much in the way of lost productivity), privatization of democratically controlled institutions so that private capitalists can profit off them (here in Sweden it has gone so far that our tax money now goes to venture capitalist-owned schools and hospitals who then turn around and hide the profits, entirely derived from taxes, in offshore accounts), deregulation, etc.

Comment Re:This is what you get... (Score 2) 585

I'm an atheist, my entire family is atheist, almost all of my friends are atheist, but you don't have to be a theist in order to be a sexist idiot. We have tons of self-styled "anti-feminists" who are not religious here, not because they thought it through and decided not to believe in gods, but simply because being non-religious is the norm. (These are generally the same reactionaries who vote for the "Sweden Democrats", ironically they use Islams attitude towards women as a prime argument against immigration of Muslims whilst at the same time slagging every attempt to try to make the balance between the sexes even remotely equal)

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