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Comment The Space Shuttle, Please (Score 0) 132

I love space exploration and think it has tremendous potential for mankind. But I have often thought that the Space Shuttle was a kluge designed by a committee. It was also a huge government make work project. Thankfully, projects like SpaceX and private industry is taking over from where NASA blew it. Though there were plenty of hard working and smart people there. In the end they remind me of the DMV or Post Office of space technology.

Comment And You Think IBM Pooched OS/2? (Score 1) 1110

Seriously. I always thought the press was unfair on IBM for the whole OS/2 debacle. OS/2 actually worked good, till MS decided to kill it with good anti-marketing. IBM helped kill it themselves with their ad campaign stating that OS/2 "obliterated" your software. Oh, I guess the karma thing is coming back on Microsoft now. Instead of Charlie Chaplin friendly ads, there are ones showing me how stupid I am because a 3 year old can do Windows 8. Really? I think MS obliterated my software. Seriously.

Comment Re:Get Rid of Windows and Install Linux (Score 1) 340

All these people say "get him a Mac" or "get him Linux". Bah humbug! I get the good stuff for myself (I prefer Mac), and then I can give people like that a blank stare and say "I don't know nothin' about that there Windows stuff" ;-)

Dad is a retired 85 year old dude on a fixed budget. He can't afford the luxury of Apple products. Regardless of what he was running, he is still my dad. I would help him no matter what. I just want my life to be simpler, so this is why I did this. Now my brothers......That's another story. But they are teachable. ;-)

Comment Get Rid of Windows and Install Linux (Score 4, Interesting) 340

My dad got infected by some malware a while back. He had WinXP Pro. My brothers tried to help him to no avail. He doesn't do well with keeping his antivrus and malware stuff updated. The old guy also does stuff I've told him not to do too. So he got this malware infection that told him that the FBI had locked his computer and to send $200 to a site to unlock it. He freaked out. So I installed Linux Mint 13 KDE 32-bit on his computer. He hasn't had to worry since. He likes it because its also faster. My family thinks I'm free tech support and I was getting real tired of fixing their installations. Now my brothers and uncle have installed Mint also. Life is much simpler for me now. :-)

Comment The Neander Valley (Score 2) 160

Neanderthal means Neander Valley in German. I used to live near Dusseldorf which is also close to this valley in Germany. There is a really nice train ride to get to it, there's a nice nature trail and a museum with some displays of Neanderthal bones and artifacts. Neanderthals could probably interbreed with modern humans even if they were a new species. There are inter-special hybrids, such as mules. But they are usually sterile if the genome is too divergent. Neanderthal DNA is believed to be in our modern genome too. So they could not have been to genetically different than we are. Species are somewhat arbitrarily assigned anyway. It is also commonly believed by many that they were lesser mentally developed and brute beasts. The average cranial capacity of Neanderthal skulls exceeds that of modern humans. There's a lot of controversy surrounding their intellectual ability. Especially their language skills. The hyoid bone in your throat allows you to produce the sounds of modern language. They have found Neanderthal hyoid bones which were well developed. This has deepened that controversy. Just like there is great physical diversity among domestic dogs, why couldn't the same apply to homo sapiens? There is speculation that they were not immune to some of the infectious diseases that we had spread to their population. That this might have been the cause of their extinction and not our superiority. This would also explain why contact with them invariably led to extinction.

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