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Comment Re:New submitter (Score 2) 134

You make it seem as if you've submitted dozens of stories during a period of many years.

Most of my submissions aren't shown in the interface. It only shows submissions which occurred after some psuedoarbitrary date.

Comment Re:Um. WRONG. (Score 1) 323

Anime on Netflix is streamed in both japanese subbed and english dubbed. Check your Chromecast/Roku settings (audio track, cc/subtitles)

I'm using a Wii most of the time. I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. The Netflix client for Android (my other STB) is shitty for use on a TV, which is sad. So I use the Wii. 480p is good enough for me. I only have 5Mbps anyway, so why bother fucking with HD? Can't do anything else on the connection at the same time.

Comment Re:It was not misspelled (Score 1) 275

If the USA is having issues with Russian names in a US gov database after 2000++ - someone has ensured a name is protected/free to travel.

You might be right, but a simpler explanation is that the people tasked with catching bombers don't actually take their jobs that seriously, and are just phoning it in most of the time. All the technology in the world won't help someone who doesn't know what to do with it.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 83

Proof that patent chests don't work.

No it isn't.

What is Cisco going to do, sue Nortel for infringement (since there is apparently no formal cross-licensing agreement), and try to get those debts applied to the current patent holders, to cancel out their suit?

Perhaps they will try to sue Nortel for infringement of their patents, and reduce them to a smoking hole in the ground before they can actually collect anything from Cisco. That sort of thing has happened before.

Comment Re:Good riddance Gnome (and KDE) (Score 5, Insightful) 134

I've said it before and I'll say it again, KDE looks like a widget factory exploded on your desktop. Of course, GNOME looks like they're experiencing a widget shortage, perhaps due to a widget factory somewhere being out of production due to an explosion.

I'm all in favor of many complex options, but there's no need to present all of them at once.

Comment Re:File, Edit, View.... gone! (Score 2) 134

Besides the fact that Print is accessible, like everywhere else, through Ctrl-P, the "gear" menu can be opened with the keyboard by hitting Tab until the focus goes to the toolbar, then using the arrow-keys to move focus to the gear icon, then hitting Return.

Oh yes, tab arrow key return. How obvious. I mean, sure it's obvious to you and I, but even KDE has menus which are obvious to anyone who's used a computer before. I don't think most people who haven't will even know what a gear is, or why it would make sense for it to be used for settings. Woops, that's not even what they're using it for, is it? Fail, fail.

GNOME should stop trying to invent the new thing in the mainline. They're not very good at it. That's okay, most people/projects aren't, but most people/projects accept that.

Comment Re:After watching the video.. (Score 1) 134

After watching the video I find I have been pronouncing Gnome incorrectly for all these years. Ga-nome, I've been saying Nome..

I think it's like GIF, piss on the 'official' pronunciation, do what makes sense. It's spelled 'nome', say 'nome'.

Comment Re:Well, that sort of explains Windows 8... (Score 1) 164

They were on crack.

They were on panic. They can see the writing on the wall, finally, and it's not happy writing. The proof is that tablets are kicking their ass so they went all tablet-y. But because they're Microsoft, and one size SHALL FIT ALL, they did it everywhere including places which weren't tablets, which was a typically Microsoftian idiot move. Look at Windows CE of yesteryear, it is a bad copy of Windows. And now, Windows is a bad copy of a mobile Windows interface. Microsoft is only capable of doing one thing at a time, and and chew gum simultaneously.

Comment Re:Ignorant Bigot (Score 1) 164

"It's like taking antidepressants. The world just feels too comfortable."
Spoken like a true ignoramus who's never experienced Depression.

Or maybe for him, that's what taking antidepressants is like. Molyneux has always been a bit of an egotist, it's not a leap for him to assume everyone is like him. Or to assume that's what he assumes. Etc etc.

Comment Re:Working for MS is like NEEDING to take PAXIL (Score 1) 164

at this point, I'd take working for MS over not working at all.

I would too, in that case, but I've both seen the kinds of people they hire and also seen what it does to people. In the former case the people I've known who have been hired by Microsoft have been deceptive, arrogant (I know! but no, seriously, even I think so) and started making excuses for their decision almost as soon as they made it. In short, you don't want to be the kind of person they hire, and you don't actually want to work there. You want to work for someone with scruples. They don't just bone their customers, they bone their employees as well.

Comment Re:"supertanker safety" (Score 1) 164

So who forced Molyneaux to take Microsoft's money? I assume he cashed his paychecks.

Nobody forced him. You can tell because he moved on.

And if risky, uncomfortable circumstances are what it takes to make Molyneaux creative, maybe he should try developing games while swimming covered in beef gravy in a pool of sharks.

That would explain his wild claims about the Fable series. Anything to get out of the pool.

Comment Re:Soundex Algorithm (Score 1) 275

Great, so now not only if we are a namesake with a wanted "enemy of the state", but also if our names are soundex or Levenshtein Distance 3 similar, we are going to get detained, cavity searched and otherwise.

If the feds aren't completely inept, and there's no reason to believe that they are because things have gone more and more their way over the years, they're using a scoring system of some kind already, and having a similar-sounding name will only increase the score a bit, not automatically flag you for an anal probe.

Comment Re:rushed target selection? (Score 2) 42

My CC is maxed, my LOC is full, my mortgage is full, and my savings are nil. Nothing like getting laid off just after finishing up a divorce.

Yeah, you say that, but if you can find a corrupt court then you can do anything. For example, some mexican gave some other mexican a car under my social security number. No, like, they're both really Mexican, I'm just kinda Mexican. And then a court in Nevada City, CA went ahead and awarded a judgment against me on the basis of a check cashing card with my social written on it. I haven't bothered to deal with it because I'm not trying to buy a house or anything, but I'll probably have to drive for four fucking hours to get to court in a place even more bumfucked than where I live now in order to deal with it if I don't just leave the country and let them jerk off over this supposed debt until the country collapses. Still undecided, but leaning that way.

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