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Submission + - Music industry seeks a refrain from unlicensed lyrics sites (

alphadogg writes: A music industry group is warning some 50 websites that post song lyrics that they need to be licensed or face the music, possibly in the form of a lawsuit. The National Music Publishers Association said Monday that it sent take-down notices to what it claims are 50 websites that post lyrics to songs and generate ad revenue but may not be licensed to do so. The allegedly infringing sites were identified based on a complicated algorithm developed by a researcher at the University of Georgia.

Comment Re:Really? British intelligence went after slashdo (Score 5, Interesting) 256

I have a hard time believing that someone convinced them this site was worthwhile.

That's because you're letting your ego get in the way. This isn't about you. This is about one or more specific targets that they believed or suspected were slashdot users.

Comment Re:So. (Score 1) 526

No, *I* am claiming that it was a hitch, people like *you* are claiming that it would have done the kind of damage to a gasoline car that would have been done by a hitch receiver. Fucking stop it. There's no evidence that this would have been more serious for the driver of a gasoline car. Further, that is an uninteresting question. This is just one piece of road debris. If you want to know whether a typical gasser or the model S is safer, compare incidents per road-mile traveled and do the math. As more road-miles are traveled, the math will get better. You can't know how this would have turned out for another vehicle without performing a needless experiment — needless because it will probably happen anyway eventually. Hell, it's probably happened already.

In any case, if it were a hitch reciever then the Model S wouldn't have gone over it.

Comment Re:What about the Japanese casualties? (Score 0) 211

Remind me again what you are doing to stop the American military from killing innocents in its wars?

No. I never told you to begin with. I'm not going to tell you about anything I'm doing besides proselytization.

Also, to which extent do you feel you deserve death for what they are doing?

Less than the average citizen, but more than someone who isn't contributing at all. Dramatically less than the typical one-percenter (for lack of a better term.)

Comment Re:Stupid idiot messages (Score 3, Informative) 526

NERD TIME! Since 1996 the only light that HAS to be there is the MIL, the malfunction indicator light, which tells you that your vehicle is suspected to be violating the federal test procedure emissions standards. The manufacturer may also implement a check engine light, which means whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean. The MIL means that a mandatory monitor has failed, and that there is stored snapshot data.

Comment Re:"three-pronged trailer hitch"? (Score 1) 526

You pull it out of the hitch receiver and rotate it to use a different ball, so you don't have to carry around 75 lbs of separate single-ball trailer hitches.

I hate to whore for a specific company without even getting paid, but Master makes hitches with a little pin on the top that stops the ball spinning so that you can change the ball with just one wrench. That way you can use a drop/rise hitch, be able to switch balls, and don't have to carry a bunch of heavy tools.

I don't use it, I have some el cheapo three-ball adjustable height drop/rise hitch to go with my lifted f250. And when I finally raise the bed, perhaps I will also install my pop-up gooseneck hitch, which is what I want to be using to pull any significant load anyway.

Comment Re:"three-pronged trailer hitch"? (Score 1) 526

Harbor Freight has stores and execs in in the USA, so they're as vulnerable to liability suit as anybody. The stuff sold at Napa or wherever is made in the same country as the stuff they sell at HF. I have their 12-ton press, the fit and finish leave something to be desired (fit and finish) but there's nothing to complain about when it comes to the weight of the stock or the strength of the welds. Their cherry pickers are equivalent to anyone else's, don't ignore the weight ratings. Etc. The problem with HF stuff isn't durability, it's finish. Expect to re-bed machining equipment, de-burr edges of parts, chase threads, etc etc.

Comment Re:"three-pronged trailer hitch"? (Score 1) 526

In practice, this is just a non-issue. You're complaining about the potential failure of a weld which is literally as thick as the tubing to which the balls are attached.

Personally, I have a lifted truck with an old school receiver with a recessed pin, so I have an adjustable drop hitch with a tri-ball. They've fallen out of favor but they used to make super massive pull-behind hitches that could handle real loads. Mine is literally constructed out of at least 3/8" plate, it's ludicrous. You can tell because a normal hitch won't pin into the receiver because the hole is too far back. One of these drop hitches was the only thing I could find which would fit. I have a reese replacement that I got at a yard sale, gonna fit a roll pan. The bumper is just a wind catcher.

Comment Re:So. (Score 1) 526

The knowledge of physics demonstrated by Tesla fanboys is bewildering. It would cause an ICE car to "pole vault", but a Tesla will continue to drive for almost two full minutes? Complete and utter cobblers. If the Tesla continued to roll on all four wheels, so would any other car of similar size and weight. We don't live in a Hollywood movie.

You're both wrong, but he's more wrong than you. These motherfuckers know fuck-all about cars, period the end. They don't even know the difference between a hitch and a hitch receiver. On the other hand, the Tesla DOES have a big metal plate on the bottom that the ICE cars don't have. That IS fundamentally different. Don't pretend it isn't!

Comment Re:They should upgrade the warning ... (Score 1) 526

It's pretty easy to get gasoline burning. Not so easy to make it explode, but burning is easy. Diesel is much harder but it represents a relatively small percentage of roadgoing vehicles, especially when we're discussing passenger cars in the USA, where our environmental restrictions give with one hand and take away with the other.

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