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Comment Re:Impeach Obummer! (Score 1) 524

Bush has been out of office for 5 years now. Obama owns this shit now. He may not be responsible for establishing the surveillance state (by some accounts that has been going on even before 9/11) but he's doing nothing to reign it in either.

And once you've impeached Obama you can send Bush and his goons to The Hague.

Comment Re:NO NO NO (Score 2, Insightful) 687

In case you haven't noticed: This is an article about SOLAR power, not COAL. Nobody in their right mind is proposing to keep using coal to get off nuclear. You don't have to chose between the two. Germany plans to get rid of both. And consistently bringing up the radiation danger of coal plants (which are based on a single study from the 70s and does not take current technology into account) in discussions about renewable energy is a straw man.

Comment Orgmode (Score 2) 160

I wrote my thesis in Orgmode and converted it to LaTeX when finished. Orgmode is an outliner for Emacs which supports plain text formatting (e.g., *bold*, /italics/, etc.), lists, tables, images, code block, and everything else you could wish for.

Since the file is plain text it is dead easy to edit. On the other hand, you have to use Emacs, so your non-geek friends are probably still out.

Comment Re:good (Score 2) 616

[citation please]

It sounds to me like you've swallowed the American exceptionalism propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Or did you mean that Americans have never made the right decisions? Ah, logic, it is such a confusing invention.

Comment Re:Translation is a copyright owner's exclusive ri (Score 1) 344

Exactly, you wouldn't want that. Which is why US publishers have always respected the copyright of UK publishers and paid them for their work. Oh, no wait, they didn't. In the 19th century, US publishers routinely republished UK titles without paying royalties. Only when US culture came to dominate the global market did they join in international copyright protection rackets^W schemes.

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