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Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 345

My domain (a started being blocked by the hotmail servers yesterday with #550 OU-002 (BAY0-MC2-F2) Unfortunately, messages from weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list and it was due to not having an SPF record.
After having one created mail goes through, but they seem to automatically be sent to the Junk folder with This message looks suspicious to our SmartScreen filters even though I don't see how. Maybe it's because I haven't had my domain registered with their third party "Safe Senders" list.

Comment Re:Oh, one more thing (Score 1) 768

If you're playing some trickery where they're not "really" your houses, you merely have exclusive access to them and control over them but they're "actually" expenses on the balance sheet of a Burmuda Corp that you own through seven subsidiaries then I've got a problem with that.

In Australia that would be classed as a Fringe Benifit which is taxed at a higher rate than normal income, and the value must match the market value for a year's rent in the property. If you're caught then they will request the back taxes (with interest) or have you prosecuted for tax evasion.

Comment Re:TF2 Or GTFO (Score 1) 332

You don't even need beta access to run TF2. The steam.deb is fairly easy to find and you can bypass the beta check by starting the client with "steam steam://open/games/" from a terminal window

Being in the beta gets you access to extra features but there isn't a huge difference in what I could do before I received the beta invite to now.

Comment Re:The up to a meter claim. (Score 1) 253

Reading the claims it looks like the range is increased by using a series of peripheral antennas. The language is hard to decipher but I think it might be along the lines of having a base station next to your computer which transmits power to your keyboard and mouse,the keyboard and mouse then retransmit to additional devices.
IANAEE so my interpretation could be completely wrong

Comment Probably looking for quick cash (Score 3, Informative) 226

The article text actually says that they are not pursuing a sale strategy but they need to fix their profitability. AMD is the GPU supplier for the Wii U, and early development boxes for the new xbox and playstation are running AMD chipsets. So AMD should just need to stay afloat until all the next gen consoles are released to return to being profitable.

Submission + - Expect Wii U Shortages This Holiday Season (

utherdoul writes: Research firm IHS predicts that the Nintendo Wii U console will sell faster than the Wii did in 2006, moving 3.5 million units worldwide before the end of December 2012. That means supply shortages over the holiday shopping season --and fistfights in toy stores. The console won't even be released until this Sunday, and prices are already surging on secondary markets; the $350 deluxe set is selling for about $600.

Comment Re:Nothing weird (Score 1) 295

The thing I find interesting is that the Distrowatch ranking is counting the number of hits per day from each distribution (unique IPs only). Does this mean that Mint users are comparing features, looking to change distributions, or there is a subset of users pushing up the ranking?

My occasional visits to Distrowatch have generally been when checking whether changing distributions is worth it. Currently, I've gone with installing Cinnamon onto Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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