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Comment Re:again, for the morons (Score 1) 433

I have the perfect system for electronic voting.

All votes are electronically available for audit to anyone. Each vote is encrypted as to the actual voter. Each voter receives an encrypted receipt with their vote with which they could anonymously validate his/her vote via the internet. If enough people say Hey what the!! I didn't vote that way the election is thrown out.

Comment Re:Fuck you corpocrate troll (Score 1) 1057

Amen to that, every relative that has died in Canada over the last 20 years could have received much better care here in the USA. I mean what first world country lets a melanoma on someones shoulder go undiagnosed, some one who at 70 was seeing her doctor for other problems? What first world country sews a man back up during colon cancer surgery because the "surgeon" detects liver cancer, only to have the patient die of colon cancer with NO liver cancer detected? I was going to have to wait over one year to have lipotripsy on my kidney stones unless I started to suffer "serious" kidney damage!

It's called social medicine or rationing.

Comment More like Cap and Kill (Score 1) 874

All this will d0 is kill off the remaining industry in the US and create far more pollution for the world. Do you think for an instant China is going to due this, or India, Mexico?

One quick example. Do you know were all that CAT-V cable scrap goes when you trade it's copper in for cash? China! Why? Because they will burn off that poisonous jacket with no regard for employee or environment. I know, I made $800 last year with one truck load and asked how they were going to strip the jacket. It was more profitable to just sell it overseas.

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