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Comment Re:LTS or six month releases? (Score 1) 109

Is that Ubuntu's problem that people just upgrade? Perhaps they should default to LTS and require people to override it explicitly. File a bug for that.

Not sure whether it is better engineered or whatever. But it is certainly more stable from experience, and spaces out any issues the upgrade causes by years rather than months.

Comment LTS or six month releases? (Score 1) 109

You seem to be confusing the LTS with six month releases for Ubuntu.

The Long Term Support releases are every other year, usually in April, and are supported with security updated for 5 years on the server, and 3 years on the desktop.

The six month releases are the unstable ones, but the LTS are very stable.

Been using them for many years and yes, I sysadmin several systems, both servers and desktops (KDE though), and things are good.

Comment Upgrading Drupal from version to version (Score 1) 192

I work on Drupal for a living.

Right now, I am upgrading a 4.7 site to 7.x, with 5.x and 6.x intermediates.

I will write an article on this soon, but basically, you set 4 directories, one per version.
Then you point the web server to the version that you are working on via a symlink.

You then run update.php for 5.x, then 6.x, then 7.x

Your content is preserved.

Porting modules and themes does require some work, unless someone has ported said modules/themes for you, or you chose a new theme.

But your data should be preserved fully.

Comment Re:Kubuntu LTS and Server LTS (Score 1) 302

Not sure what hovering toolbars you are referring to. I am using 12.04, since it is an LTS release, and will be supported for 3 years with security updates, and no surprises like you have with the other releases.

My desktop is really simple.

Just a vertical side bar on the left instead of on the bottom. It has the K Menu button for launching apps at the top, the Task Manager with all running apps in it, time and date, and the System Tray with a few frequently used apps.

And that is it.

Very Windows XP like in fact.

Here is a photo, while writing this post in Firefox

Comment Kubuntu LTS and Server LTS (Score 1) 302

I have been a user of Ubuntu for many years. Since 2005 or so.

All these debates about Ubuntu, Shuttleworth and Unity do not affect me in the least.


Because I use KDE Ubuntu (Kubuntu), not Gnome/Unity at all. I also stay with the latest LTS and not upgrade to the twice annual releases.

The same goes for servers. I use Ubuntu Server LTS, which has a longer support cycle of 5 years vs. 3 years for the desktop.

Not affected by any of those ongoing debates or controversies ...

Comment Pharmacists not doctors (Score 1) 47

IUTBAP (I used to be a pharmacist).

One of the things we studied were drug interactions.

Basically pharmacists are more qualified to know these interactions, because they studied pharmacology, as well as pharmaceutics (how drugs are presented, what each form's method of spreading to the affected area(s) are, ...etc.)

The clinical pharmacy movement was started back several decades ago, so doctors would diagnose, then pharmacists would prescribe together with the doctors, taking into account many things, like other patient health issues, drug interactions, ...etc.

But, this will not happen, because big pharma markets to doctors so they prescribe their brand over the competition.

Sad to see the state of affairs status quo as they were in the early 80s.

Comment Iceland Spar (Score 5, Informative) 114

I read about this a while ago, and it was fascinating. Appartently, the crystals polarized sunlight, even if it was through clouds and

Here are some links that may help:

The stone itself is calcite, Iceland Spar or the more complex Cordierite, also known as iolite.

Here is one account of how it could have been used:

Viking Sunstone

And here is another:
Viking Compass

Comment English preferred, depending on your locale though (Score 1) 330

I am a developer too, and English is my second language (I am from Egypt, and Arabic is my first language). When I learned programming, it was in English using English text books and magazines, ...etc, whether BASIC or COBOL (long time ago).

Once, after many years in development, I was supporting a place that got a software package developed in Morocco. French is the lingua technica there. So, the source code was totally unitelligible to all of us except one of the Moroccan developers who worked for the company developing it.

All the variable names and comments were in French, and did not mean anything to us, making the code very hard to follow.

With English being the language most used internationally for businesss and such, I imagine this is true outside of the Francophone countries (and perhaps Latin America too)?

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