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Comment Re:This is slashdot? (Score 0) 2254

Anyone else notice how this is their third redesign in 13 or so years...but it's their second in 5 years?

Seriously, Slashdot. Leave things the way they were. I'm all for change when it's for the better, but this is now twice you've fucked us over with a redesign.

Comment Re:yes it does (Score 1) 463

I voted for Obama because he was -quite sadly- the lesser "evil" of everyone running. Yes, third parties included. Once they reach the national stage of a presidential election, anyone still around is going to be a "bad" choice by virtue of what's required to get that far. With that in mind, Obama seemed to, at the very least, have the best intentions, if not necessarily the best plan. He also seemed the most likely to move towards the center, should the balance of power ever split (as it did with the mid-terms...and, as evidenced by the number of Democrats pissed off with him since the mid-terms, he is doing just that.) All that being said, had I been the same person in 2008 that I am today, I likely would have just stayed home.

That's not a troll, nor is it hair splitting: that's plain honesty.

Comment Re:Haven't Heard (Score 0) 239

Liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, I always found it funny that the State of the Union speech AND the "response" speeches by the opposing party are written simultaneously.

Missed that part? Republicans (and, strangely, Bachman) have been talking about their response for days. Not day: days.

Comment Re:yes it does (Score 1) 463

Your problem--that you don't understand--is that you are gullible


Your problem--that you don't understand--is that you must have missed the multiple times I explicitly said I didn't personally believe him. Like this time:

I said I thought he was genuine...as in, I believed that HE believed himself. That's not the same thing as saying that I thought he would actually accomplished(sic) everything he claimed he would.

And this time:

I'm telling you that I was aware that HE thought he could do all those things...that's very different than BELIEVING he could.

My opinion of how someone thinks of themselves and my personal opinion of that person can be entirely different...and, in this case, they were/are. If you consider that splitting hairs, I don't know what to tell you.

Comment Re:Early Copy (Score 0) 239

Liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, I always found it funny that the State of the Union speech AND the "response" speeches by the opposing party are written simultaneously.

How the fuck can someone respond to a speech they haven't heard yet??

Comment Re:yes it does (Score 1) 463

Well. They do. All of them. They tell whatever lie they think they need to tell at the time to get elected. There is no fallout from it. If it starts to become an issue they either get the press on their side to ignore it or if the press is not on their side then they manufacture something to get the heat off.

Not to the point of saying they are going to COMPLETELY overhaul the healthcare system, or close a prison that houses hundreds of terrorists/war criminals. Those aren't the kinds of things they make "promises" about. They may say they will lower taxes, or enact some piece of legislation, but they don't express intentions of modifying whole chunks of the way our society or government functions.

"I did not say he would not lie. I just said he wouldn't lie that big." Come on. That is crap. There is no lie they will not tell to get elected. Once in power they will do what they need to to try and stay in power.

Which is EXACTLY my point. Someone wouldn't consciously and purposely lie about radically changing our way of life BEFORE they get elected, and then, by choice, NOT do so once they ARE elected.

That's the exact opposite of trying to stay in power.

Comment Re:yes it does (Score 2) 463

Oh. Nevermind. You are right. Politicians do not make promises that they do not at the time intend to keep.

Do you have some kind of comprehension problem, or are you purposely being an ass? I didn't say politicians don't make promises they don't intend to keep, and I didn't say they don't lie. I said he wouldn't make that many promises, nor promises of that magnitude, if he was being purposely deceiteful.

Seriously, Dish. You need to stop responding to what you want to read, and start responding to what you actually read.

Comment Learn, folks (Score 3, Insightful) 104

This is why you have different email addresses. My gmail address is for personal stuff only...personal communications, confirmations for bills, that sort of thing. My hotmail address is my "general use" address, used for things like forum signups and such.

Comment Re:yes it does (Score 1) 463

No professional politician believes the things he says to get elected.

I find it funny you would say that, given this post. That being said, "not believing" and "not going to follow through with" are two very different things.

How it is that you can watch an interview with him and suddenly believe that he is being honest about what he believes is beyond me.

It wasn't sudden, I meant time collectively spent. Also, as I said above, being honest about intentions and actually following through with those intentions are two very different things.

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