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Comment SUSE Traitors $$$ (Score 1) 1217

We now see step 2 of Novell's traitorous deal. We knew MS is evil. But now it's clear that Novell has moved to the other side, having nothing genuine to do with freedom.

As for MS, this is how fascists operate - they go to war for control. To them, it's simply about money and being the biggest bully. It has nothing to do with what is fair or reasonable. They will bring all the legal and financial pressure they can against OSS in an attempt to crush it. As they are aligned with a fascist (aka American) govt, the courts will favor them to a great extent, as they do the RIAA and MPAA. Observe the way MS's anti-trust lawsuit dissolved. MS's crimes aren't going to go away until the larger system supporting their crimes is addressed.

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