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Comment Re:linode (Score 4, Informative) 375

And yet another plug for Linode. I have been with them for over four years. Their infrastructure staff knows what they're doing (tech support has responded in 3 minutes on a Sunday night!) and they're hands-off with respect to how you want to run your box. Disk space is a little expensive, but it's not oversubscribed. Even the smallest accounts are well worth the money.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 752

Minor nit: fetch prediction logic in modern processors has to deal with unconditional procedure calls. Fetch pipelines aren't shallow anymore, so you need to predict the target address and speculatively fetch that cache line. Often this is before you even know you've just fetched a branch/call/jmpl.

The jump tables/switch statements in Ruby/Python/PHP make target prediction a necessity. The target of this jmpl is rarely the same twice in a row.

Comment Re:have your own domain-get universal forwarding (Score 1) 251

Someone tell that to Verizon. They seem to think it's best practice to send the same marketing email to both the original address with the + and the same address without. Better yet, their unsubscribe facility refuses to accept the +.

I wish more people understood the +. I've used it to make incoming mail self-sorting for well over a decade.

Comment Re:Profit Margins in Publishing (Score 1) 207

For the purposes of this argument, why does it matter at all who runs it?

Reed Elsevier does not get its content for free. Part of my thesis made it into one of their textbooks. The author/editor of the textbook does, in fact, get royalty payments from them. I neither know how much, nor if he also received an advance or other lump payments upon reaching various editing milestones.

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