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Comment Re:Never (Score 2) 255

I hit the accelerator all the time when I brake... It's call heel-toe downshifting ;) But seriously, it is nice to have an engine disconnect pedal convenient to prevent problems.

Almost all of the problems with automatics and manuals that people are discussing here are bull. It comes down to personal preference at this point if you enjoy shifting or you could care less what gears do in a car. I personally like the benefit no one discusses about manuals: It limits who asks if they can drive my car :P It also reduces the likelihood of theft :D

Comment Re:Make the drilling companies executives drink it (Score 1) 264

Actually, in most cases we'd be better off treating our waste water and putting it right back in the drinking supply since municipal (not industrial) waste water effluent is cleaner than the bodies of water we are discharging to. Unfortunately people have this 'ick' factor with drinking their own former poo/pee despite it being cleaner than drinking our own poo/pee mixed with large quantities of nature's pollution.

Comment Fast Lane Tea BABY! (Score 1) 283

I discovered it when I took the factory tour of Celestial Seasonings. It's a highly caffeinated black tea and is mighty good and according to the packaging more caffeinated than coffee. You can only get it at the factory and online though. I highly recommend it! CAN YOU TELL I AM DRINKING IT NOW?

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