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Comment YES. YES, YES!!! (Score 2) 216

Its about time. What really pisses me off about the NSA isn't that its just a warmed over version of Pointdexter's TIA (Total Information Awareness) but the secrecy.

Forget about privacy. That toothpaste been squeezed out of the tube for years.

WE'RE paying for all of this in all the ways possible and we're not seeing any benefits.

Why not?

Because its all supposed to be a big secret.

SCREW the NSA's sense of entitlement to OUR data.

Comment Hardware is just petrified software. (Score 1) 105

I fail to see the difficulty, or the divide, since hardware is a question of petrifying some software to enhance the operation of certain algorithms.

I remember reading articles several years ago by Chuck Moore about what he was doing to control a silicon foundry to produce chips which would hard wire some algorithms in silicon while leaving the rest as software implementations in Forth.

TILs (Threaded Interpreted Languages) lend themselves very well to this.

The level of interpretation, and the repetition of interpiling, depends on what you define and cache as interpreted code. That is only one step away from petrifying it in silicon.

Comment The request was anything but polite... (Score 1) 279

"when asked politely by my national security adviser and cabinet secretary to destroy the files they had, they went ahead and destroyed those files"

They knew they didn't have the only copy so they figured "WTF It's the only way we're going to get out of this basement so, screw it, we can always pick up a spare copy at our destination."

The security adviser should have told the cabinet secretary about the reach of the internet, but he didn't bother. LOL :-)

Comment Uh, this is actually brilliant. (Score 1) 101

"some entity other than their owners" but what if YOU own and enforce it.

"Publish" all of your data to a backup drive, apply DRM to "secure it*" and issue take downs to any intruder (like the NSA) to force them to remove it or face litigation and hassles from the sheriff.

All you need to do is have a warning page/file at the lowest lever on the backup drive and then encrypt your backup.

*) "Secure it" can be as flimsy as the original DVD DRM. The point is to insure the protection of the law, however unwilling the law might be to provide it.

Comment I'd take issue with their sense of hygiene... (Score 1) 512

And can't believe that an ethicist would have a problem with using cockroaches for cybernetic experimentation.

I come across a cockroach, its a race between me and the cockroach as to what's going to happen first.

It gets to escape or it gets to become a greasy smear.

And its not like it was a protected species... ITS A COCKROACH!

They aren't throwing panda or unicorn steaks on the bar-b-que here.

Comment Sure OPTIONAL safety courses. (Score 1) 780

In Switzerland they're compulsory.

You aren't allowed to touch a weapon unsupervised before your basic training is completed.

In the 'States, if you've got enough money to buy weapon, regardless of how you got that money, you're now armed and dangerous (to yourself and to everyone around you.)

The NRA are a bunch of profiteers, nothing else...

Comment Utter garbage. (Score 1) 780

The amusing thing is that the increase of bullets (i.e. people owning guns) has also contributed to drops in crime rates...

The NRA is all abut perpetuating the NRA.

If they really believed their own rhetorical spew, they would insist that the US adopt the Swiss method.

Every Swiss citizen serves two years in the militia, where they are educated and trained in the use of the weapon, keep their weapon when they leave, and have them in locked gun safes.

The NRA doesn't give a crap about you, just your dues.

Comment Lead poisoning... I wonder... (Score 1) 780

Hmm. I wonder if lead poisoning could explain the NRA steadfast insistence on thinking that they have a god given right to shoot weapons.

Their demanding to stick with lead shells, despite the demonstrated environmental harm that lead causes and the proof that copper jacketed bullets deliver superior stopping power at longer ranges seems a bit suspicious...

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