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Comment NO ONE would be complaining but (Score 1) 467

the enterprise accountants aren't interested, so NO ONE is buying.

I maintained that the proper and fitting punishment for Microsoft's losses at their various antitrust trials was to nail their ass to the desktop.

History is proving that I was right.

Microsoft couldn't sell a damn thing to anyone NOT a PC manufacturer.

ENTERPRISE doesn't acknowledge them except as an expense, CONSUMERS have had quite enough of their shoddy products.

Comment Implement M...F Ranges (GUI on Sliders.) (Score 3, Interesting) 814

There are various diseases, dysmorphia, accidents and disorders that affect how one perceives one's gender and which affect how other's perceive one's gender.

If we want an accurate Object definition for Class>>Gender it has to be implemented to have a pair of small integers as attributes and presented/interacted with as a pair of Sliders.

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