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Comment Re:Fixing this leak solves nothing! (Score 1) 280

The big problem at Fukushima is that the top half of the reactor buildings are GONE.

I've wondered about this myself. If you compare the fact that you mentioned to a schematic of the reactor buildings, where do you think could the containment vessels and their contents be?

When you look at the images of buildings 3 and 4, do you actually see a containment vessel?

I'm really worried when I look at the images. It looks like the explosions have blown the containment vessels apart. Some guy on some blog said that it would all be nothing but smoldering burning ruins ... do you think there's a possibility that the containment vessels are intact?

Do you think there's a risk of a domino effect? That the rises in ambient radiation could affect other reactor sites in the area?

Comment Re:'disturbing to who?' (Score 1) 446

And "freedom of speech" was never about "no consequences for your speech".

So I guess any dictatorship can claim they support free speech now, don't they?

"You are free to speak, but it will have consequences."

What's the point of free speech if you can't speak without having to fear repercussions?

Comment Re:THIS IS GREAT!!! (Score 1) 164

True ... but to me, it's all about the display technology. I wouldn't be interested in them otherwise. E-Ink displays don't require power when they're not flipping pages. I.e. you can even remove the batteries and see the same image that was loaded last. Can't do that with a Palm! ;)

Comment Re:color e-ink killer app: digital picture frames (Score 1) 164

TFA says the device does have WiFi ... the only question is if there's a way to program it in some way. E-Ink earlier complained that with better drivers, a lot more could be done with the display. This video shows off various E-Ink displays, some running color videos ... it is possible to some extent with the right software, so I figure with the right drivers, it could be used as a regular computer display, which in turn would enable the development of arbitrary applications.

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