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Comment Re:The real reason (Score 1) 403

They did this 5 years ago. I am posting from the one I bought then. Pretty much built like a tank, but is now starting to get a little obsolete. I'll probably replace it with a system 76 next time. BTW if you are running Linux, you always want buy one with it preinstalled, even if it is little more expensive. If for no other reason then you know there will be Linux drivers for all of your shit. Much easier that way.

Comment Re:Aesthetic (Score 1) 635

A few years ago, I bought the DVD for "Rocky and Bullwinkle - Fractured Fairy Tales". I popped it into my Ubuntu system and immediately began watching "Sleeping Beauty Land" and "Riding Hoods Anonymous". It was awesome!

Until I tried to watch the same DVD on a normal DVD player. It had a 15 minute, unskipable ad for some old crappy rabbit movie. As a result, I never watch movies on a regular DVD player. With Ubuntu, I get to the main menu immediately, regardless of what "unskipable" ads the DVD has. It is worth it for that reason alone.

Comment Re:Ads in movie theatres (Score 1) 635

But there is no hockey, at least not at the NHL level. That should start riots in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto at least, or perhaps staging a coup-de-tat of Gary Bettman. To make it even worse, the Stanley Cup is in possession of the LA Kings which should offend Canadians everywhere.

Oh, wait, Canadians actually have lots of good hockey that isn't NHL. Here in the states, it is either the NHL or the Frozen Four if you are lucky. Oh, well, pitchers and catchers report in February.

Comment Re:Barack Obama agrees with Marco Rubio (Score 1) 518

What if his non-answer is right? Since the Earth, by definition wasn't created, the 24 hour day is meaningless. What if he subcontracted the planet of Magrathea to construct the Earth and it go delayed an cost overruns so it wound up taking 4 billion years? What if the dinosaurs were a minor side project which got hosed when another subcontractor forgot to adjust the heading of a resupply asteroid when then slammed into the Earth?

Comment Re:Poor security standards (Score 5, Insightful) 64

That is cool. It is nice that you can configure firewalls to protect against layer 7 attacks. It is a great part of defence in depth. If I set up the firewalls I would do this. Of course I don't, and the bureaucracy makes the Vogons look nimble. They would feed their own grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblater Beast of Traal rather than change the rules. And of course, some other "developer" with some clout would get an exception so his craptastic application still works.

I love the idea of a Firewall protecting my app, but would rather write the 2 lines of code to ensure my app doesn't get pwned if it doesn't for whatever reason.

Comment Re:Poor security standards (Score 3, Insightful) 64

I'm not sure how a firewall would prevent SQL injection, as the attack pass through the normal HTTP/HTTPS traffic and their own crappy web application is the attack vector. Then again, setting up any firewall is far more complex than the few lines of code or bind variables need to stop SQL injection attacks.

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