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Comment Re:Mormons (Score 4, Interesting) 1223

Agreed, Mormons are no more bat shit insane than any religion. in fact they are arguably better than most.

Mormons have no paid clergy. No one in the Mormon church is making a living of it's members unlike most other religions

Mormons don't believe in a vengeful God

Mormons have their own welfare system and prefer members that need it take from the church not from the government

Mormons believe God exists in this dimension, not some alternate unseeable dimension like most religions

Mormons believe we are literally Gods children as in if we do well we'll grow up to be gods. From the pov of most religions that might seem strange but from another pov it adds a kind if logic the others lack. You don't have to try to be good to avoid hell (Mormons don't really believe in hell like other religions) .. You need to try to be good because you can't be a god if you can't be trusted with that kind of power

Note: the Mormon religion is just as stupid as other religion on the general sense but it's certainly not more insane.

Comment Re:Much to my surprise (Score 1) 263

Agreed, there were all kinds of problems

It was reaaalllllyyy ssssssllllloooooowwwwww


How do you feed 12 million people for 6 months with all the bridges blown up except 1 and the tunnels blocked?

Why did they hold the city hostage for 6 months if they planned to blow it up anyway? They had the trigger from day 1. The girl pushed the button at one point. What was the 6 months of waiting for?

What was the point of Miranda keeping it a secret that she was part of the bad guys until the very end? The entire 6 months the city is hostage she pretends to need protection. !!!!

They catch Batman and put him in a prison on the other side of the world....REALLY? (I suppose that's a form of "Batman Syndrome")

What happened to Gotham? In the first Dark Knight Gotham is clearly fictional city. There's the Wayne Tower, the double decker elevated monorail train that leads to it. the slum city island. In the second movie there isn't as much fiction but it still didn't seem to match any city. In this movie it was pretty plainly New York City.

Comment Re:Japan amazes me.. (Score 1) 150

I'm not totally convinced this is a bad law. We're only a few years away until any hacker that wants to can create a biological virus. Should that be outlawed? Viruses shut down Iran's nuclear program. Viruses cause real damage. There are hazardous substance laws for a reason. I'm not sure there shouldn't be laws against hazardous virtual substances, especially of the cause real hazards.

Comment Re:They're on their way out anyways (Score 1) 503

I will never again shop at Fry's. I bought something, pieces were MISSING, they wouldn't give me my money back, only store credit. They failed and then punished me for their failure. It's been 4 yrs. I haven't stepped foot in a Fry's since. I suggest no one shop at Fry's

Comment Geek Paradise? (Score 2) 240

I wonder if there is a big enough market for a geek hotel in Vegas. Maybe shaped like the enterprise but with as many geek oriented things as possible. Lan parties, demo scene parties, techno music? (maybe that's my bias), arcades, VR stuff, video games, board games, card games, figure games, game competitions, hack-a-thons, maker studios, hi-tech rooms, gadget stores,

I suppose one problem would be keeping it ahead of the tech curve but maybe they could get various corporate sponsors or have the guest themselves help upgrade stuff. (the open source resort so to speak)

Comment Re:Sad Boxee Fan (Score 1) 113

Yay! the typical answer for an open source product.

1) Open Source Guy: Our product is teh awesome!
2) User: It's not 1/10th as good a ABC
3) Open Source Guy: So volunteer to fix it!

#3 kind of negates #1

Sure I might consider contributing to XBMC but I'm responding to the idea that it's supposedly a good replacement for boxee. That doesn't appear to be the case.

Comment Re:Sad Boxee Fan (Score 1) 113

Tried the new beta. Other than re-arranging the top menu I don't see much of a difference. It still doesn't have most of the features of boxee. It still crashed trying to watch a video in the ted app. And now it does silly things like show me a thumbnail of the movie I'M CURRENTLY WATCHING when I bring up the playback controls.

Comment Sad Boxee Fan (Score 1) 113

I used to use XBMC on Xbox. Switched to Boxee on a Mac Mini a couple of years ago.

If Boxee's dead what next? I actually liked Boxee (thought not the bugs)

Every time I try XBMC it dies or is missing features. I just downloaded it right now (v 10.1 for OSX). I like several of the Boxee Apps (ted, vimeo, escapist, ...) so I download the Ted app for XBMC. I run it. First thing I notice. It's not nearly has nice as the Boxee app. Simple list, no descriptions, no style. I click the first link, XBMC is now locked. It's been locked for 10 minutes now.

So, I'm sad to hear that boxee is going away. It's pretty clearly better than XBMC for my use cases at least.

Features I'm hoping for in whatever replaces Boxee no particular order

1) Shows Facebook new stream youtube videos (boxee does this on home screen)

Does XBMC have this built in or as an add on as slick as Boxee? Note: Picking some model script it NOT the solution

2) Has nice skinned apps to major sites (on boxee I use Ted, The Big Picture, Vimeo, The Escapist, Pandora and a few other apps)

are there good skinned apps in XBMC?

3) Has FULL Samba client support built in

Full = works with passwords XBMC has this. Not sure any of the other solutions do.

4) Has instant FF and REV

XBMC has this. Popcorn hour does not. Not sure about others but if I can't skip around in my media fast it's not a solution for me.

5) Has "post" to social media features throughout

I like being able to watch a video on youtube or vimeo in Boxee and click "Loved" and have that posted to Facebook.

6) Supports all the same formats or more

Both XBMC and Boxee support a lot of formats. Lots of other solutions I've tried support less. Of course supporting more would be good. I have to switch out of XBMC for certain types of files.

7) Can be controlled smoothly with an Apple 6 button remote

Boxee did this well. XBMC not so sure. Others? My Popcorn hour sucks here. Their remote has ton of buttons and its not responsive

8) Handles non English

Neither old XBMC nor Boxee were all that good here. Basically you had to configure them, copy in new fonts and other BS. Maybe current XBMC handles this?

9) Auto downloads subtitles

Boxee does this. I didn't see it in my 5 minute test of current XBMC (after I force closed it from the lock above)

I'm sure there's a lot more. Calls above that Boxee sucks, XBMC rules don't seem to fit with my experience though. XBMC is fine at playing already downloaded movies but I haven't had much luck with XBMC providing all the other features I loved in Boxee.

Is there something else that comes closer?

Comment Re:Awareness (Score 1) 808

Sorry but I'm not understanding why you guys separate programmers from everyone else. If you write a GPLed word processor, why don't you require everyone to GPL every document they create with it? If you write a photo editing program, why don't you require every photo edited with it to be GPLed?

Person A uses your work to create thing B and you're fine with them not GPLing it.
Person C uses your work to creating thing D and you're not fine with it.

Why do you single out programmers but not anyone else?

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