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Comment fuck old people (Score -1, Troll) 835

What's worst about all this is that the oldest generations don't give a fuck. Anybody over forty right now could care less about what the police are doing. If you tell them what's going on with innocent people being killed, maimed, hurt, sexually assaulted, etc. they'll just say --

"Good! I like to hear my taxes are working!"

"Good! They're keeping us safe!"

That's why I love it every time I hear about some retiree getting the shit scared out of them and having their head smacked in by a gung-ho, drug-addicted SWAT team. I love hearing about these old worthless shit-eaters who are now sitting there, nursing their concussions, going --

"Oh my god, I was so wrong!"

"They're not police! They're m-m-monsters!"

"Look at this cut on my pretty financial-echelon face! Get my lawyer, I'm withdrawing my yearly donation to the FOP! Not my criminal lawyer you dipshit, my financial attorney! OOF! THE PIGS PUNCHED MY BALLS! Quick get the criminal, tooooo!"

ALL of these old, dried-out sacks of shit should have THEIR shit raided and THEIR asses kicked up and down their neighborhood streets, stripped nude, and then come back around and see if they still vote that way and still donate that money.

Drive the new police force tank up to most of those old fogey's houses and they just go "oh wow cool it's finally here!"

But I bet if they had to lay on the ground with a boot on their head for twenty minutes because they asked why they should be expected to wear handcuffs during a search of their house, and they'll think differently.

Comment here little boy, have an urban assault vehicle (Score 1) 835

One of the above comments raises a great point: the police look, talk, and act like thugs. That's our community police we all get chided so often to hold so dear; but they consider themselves as gangsters "above the law". So how do you think they will choose their actions to portray their image? Police are likely to do the thuggest bullshit to a person just to present a tough-guy, no-holds-barred, untouchable image. It's not necessary, it's not strategically sound, it's not even sociable. It's just thuggery, and the only people interested in police work now-a-days are thugs. People who aren't thugs look into the courses, I'm sure, and if they aren't turned off by their classmates' presentation and attitude, then they get swiftly turned-about by their instructors for not "fitting in". The day isn't too far off when police accountability will be completely nil and police corruption won't be a flash in the pan but will be the daily mire for every community in America. If you don't think so, go ask some affluent, peaceful gardening town what they think of their village police force's latest SWAT team and urban assault vehicle. It's not even an urban area, why the fuck would they need an urban assault vehicle? It's a bunch of townhouses and Victorian cottages. But there you have it -- nobody's policing the police. When your nine year old boy asks for a rocket launcher for his birthday what do you tell him? "Sure, we'll put it in the budget"?

Comment Re:Practicality? (Score 1) 230

What's worst of all this, in my point of view, is that even when the syndrome is apparent in a person and that person is already being paid by the government for having a disability, and even when that syndrome is likely to be passed onto offspring ... ... it's still just peachy for them to have children. Two of them together, if they feel like it, though I've seen a lot of retarded guys slugging around with apparently healthy women. It must be very attractive to some women to see that steady, uninterrupted income guaranteed for life, and to jump for it.

At any rate, whether we "fix" it for a developed person or not, unless there's some rule against it, they're still going to have kids. They and their disabled children are still going to represent a demand for other peoples' money. The world is still going to creep towards an unsustainable population and they're still going to just lazily slug slide right on through all of it with little to no cares or worries.

Submission + - ComputerWorld suggests MS embrace cannibalization (

coyote_oww writes: ComputerWorld analysis article suggests that MS should stop worrying about one product cutting into another product's sales, and concentrate on putting their best foot foward regardless of the impact on product lines. And the big impact would be the price of Windows: "... suggesting that Microsoft must... sell devices based on lower prices. And the only significant component ...that can be cut the Windows license." It's wordy, the ... covers lots of tech-reader unnecessary verbiage. Still possible they could sell Windows version at different rates for different devices, but that could get hard to justify to consumers over the long haul.

Submission + - British Scientists Charge Samsung Smartphone With Urine (

coolnumbr12 writes: If you knew your own pee could charge it enough to make just one call, send a some texts or even check Google Maps briefly, would you do it?
This may soon be possible. Researchers from Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaboration between the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol, were able to pee on microbial fuel cells (MFCs) to create enough electricity to charge a Samsung phone.
So far, MFCs have only been used to generate small amounts of electricity for short charge and discharge cycles. This if the first time enough energy has been captured to directly charge a battery.

Submission + - These are the words iOS won't suggest for you (

An anonymous reader writes: While auto-correct in iOS will do its darndest to either correct a misspelling or, at the very least, give you something to laugh about, there are a slew of words that iOS will simply not auto-correct, no matter how close the typed word is to the real thing.

What's more, there are a number of misspelled words that Apple will not even proffer complete suggestions for when the user's intent could not be any more clear.

As one might expect, such words are controversial and politically charged. Some examples include abortion, homoerotic, marijuana, rape, and ammo.

Submission + - Nanoparticle Exposure Could Disrupt Immune Cell Function (

MTorrice writes: A new study suggests there’s more to nanoparticle toxicology than cell life and death. Although immune cells treated with iron oxide particles appeared healthy in standard toxicology tests, they struggled to perform one of their key jobs: engulfing pathogenic bacteria. The researchers wonder if exposure to significant levels of the nanoparticles could lead to dysfunction in people’s immune systems.

Submission + - Are Neutrinos Their Own Antiparticles? (

sciencehabit writes: A long-standing controversy among particle physicists looks to be settled—in the less exciting way—thanks to new data from an ultrasensitive particle detector deep underground. Physicists operating the GERmanium Detector Array (GERDA) 1400 meters down in Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory say that they see no signs of a hypothesized type of nuclear decay called neutrinoless double-beta decay that, were it conclusively observed, would almost certainly merit a Nobel Prize. The new results stick a pin in a claim made by a rival group in 2001.

Comment Re:surprisingly complex (Score 1) 44

I might actually be trivial with practice, which is also (as you pointed out) not surprising. None of this is very surprising.

I'm guessing if you wanted to add a visiting vehicle's thrust, you'd first have to re-calculate the center of mass given the attached vehicle, and then calculate how much thrust -- and in what direction -- from that vehicle will produce what angles of rotation around which axes.

Not that I could do it all, but I think I might be close, and I can imagine the calculations that go into it and I am, frankly, not at all surprised even in an imaginary sense.

Comment Re:Yay; Linus the motivator (Score 2) 334

Soooooo to make sure this is always the case, Linus should obviously be reaching out to code obfuscators. Obviously legible, robust code is not at issue -- shorter, smaller code using more geeky twists and obfuscations is the best possible fucking idea for any huge, gigantic-ass code base.

I mean, I can understand getting pissed about new features being added. But obviously the point of a release candidate is to slowly compress and obfuscate the code into smaller and smaller renditions until it's humanly unreadable because, hell, fuck, god damn, that's how progress works in open-source land. Smaller = better.

Oh I dunno, maybe I'm talking out of my ass, here. For all we know, Linus' bottom line is that the same OS works on both smartphones and desktops.

Comment Re:profanity (Score 0) 334

It must have been easy to be Saint-like, knowing there were legions of essentially incarcerated Asians being forced to manufacture your products on the cheap.

I can see why your church authority, whoever the fuck that is, Partially Beautified and Nearly Canonized Steve Jobs so that he would be referred to as (at the very least) "Saint-like" by millions of hipster trash looking after his Departure from this Realm.

He was an ANGEL! *sob*

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