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Comment ... okay? cool, but what? (Score 2) 163

In chemistry and physics courses you'll find you often do lab work not in discovery of new things but to prove things that are already known. It turns out to be pretty simple to do an experiment to prove that two related theories can be measurably shown to be not false, through some apparatus under some paradigm.

So this woman used existing knowledge of how GPS works, of audio modulated data, and a chase that she also apparently knew the location of, and showed that the location of the chase matches the location being communicated. Okay, so that's cool.

But what did she accomplish? I am, of course, asking this from the "how is this news" rostrum. It's a great proof of theory but what the hell does it have to do with anything?

Oh, wait. The elephant in the room. I see what's going on, here, you geeks got all fucked up in the head again because here comes another woman with skills.

A man who turns into putty for women isn't trustworthy, you know that? Strong women prey on those guys and they become security concerns.

If you can't treat women as equals, then all of your wowie-zowie about women "doing guy things" is empty. You're more self-impressed at other males than impressed at this woman's potential.

Comment Re:Just create artificial gravity (Score 1) 267

So in other words, rotate the ship at regular intervals doing this acceleration and deceleration until you get to the end of the trip. It's the same two force vectors cut up into pieces and interleaved. The repeated turns would add to the overall cost but the same amount of fuel would be spent on the same two overall vectors of acceleration.

Comment what's "interesting"? (Score 1) 206

What *I* find "interesting" is that even though old grandparents have always been saying things like "It's not that grandma's getting stupid, sweetie, it's just that when you're my age you know so much that it takes awhile to remember what you know", none of that matters if the newest generation hasn't climbed out of their dungeons to announce that they simulated the same thing on a computer. Relevance, anyone? Reverence, maybe?

Comment Re:Electrical != Electronic (Score 1) 397

The "subset" response from AC is total bullshit. Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering are two entirely different career fields. Idiot self-imposed know it all's like AC are who's behind the article for instance not knowing the damn difference. One's not a subset of the other, both are a subset for sure of engineering dealing with electricity but frankly I don't think you'll find any career fields that expect both skill sets from you. Having taken college courses in both, let me assure you, one's not a subset of the other and having a degree in both does mean taking two almost entirely separate degrees. The engineer planning a power station is not going to be prepared for the engineer planning transistor logic, and vice versa. The guy climbing a pole and the guy soldering a board are not going to be interchangeable.

Comment go away, religion (Score 1) 1038

I don't think the admonishment should have been "one commandment you should abide by", rather it should have been "a moral you yourself obviously abide by".

You could attack the commenter's stance just by pointing out the hypocrisy of demanding murder in return for murder. Either murder's wrong, or it's not.

I think the situation is muddy enough, thanks, without the interjections of the religious.

Comment Re:Time to overhaul the Credit Card system in the (Score 1) 151

PINs are sort of stupid in a retail setting, any way. The way most pads are set up, the other customers can clearly see what digits you're inputting, and voila, now they can use your card at any ATM.

Signatures are just as pointless. They don't prove anything unless you have a meticulous signature. People in general aren't that anal and unless you're Benjamin Franklin or some shit with a degree in calligraphy, the makeup of your signature fluctuates over time.

The US appears to be using a system that's outlived its usefulness.

Comment Re:burn indeed (Score 1) 151

> "Have fun getting mugged"

Stupid on so many levels that I'm not even sure why you said it. Do you really go around your life worried that you're a target for mugging? Maybe you should put the fancy tablet away when you're hanging out in the ghetto. Honestly I don't know what to say to you, your response should be modded down for trolling.

As far as the liability is concerned, who cares? You're still in purchasing limbo until you straighten out a new card. "Have fun" waiting for the mail to arrive and going through the process of re-activating all of your cards and double-checking to make sure the bank didn't pull a fast one in the hub-bub. I personally have been a victim of skimming on several occasions so -- "have fun getting mugged online".


Comment burn indeed (Score 1) 151

The companies don't wanna pay good money for real security, and they want to throw you behind bars if you go vigilante white-hat on them, so give up. I agree with another /.'er who stated yesterday about the news of the Australian white-hat kid: let 'em burn. If that means going cash, too, go cash.

Keeping everything consolidated on just one card doesn't hurt, either. If it's a debit card you can coal-load it. When you need to make purchases, tally them up first and then go deposit the money you'll need. Charge it back out online and what will the thiefs steal, if anything? Next to zero.

I've always been wary of internet business. I didn't start purchasing things online until literally just a couple of years ago, and that was some music-related art imports from Italy. This year is the first year I've made purchases on Amazon or Ebay. That about marks my limit, too. I have no reason to use anything else. I haven't even activated my newer Bank of America debit card since BoA changed to another bank.

At least with one card I only have one cancellation to take care of if some site I've used it on gets hacked.

Comment Re:Let them burn (Score 1) 287

Previous comment mentions using an anonymous drop to inform the relevant companies or newspapers. That is the most immediate solution, I would have to agree.

But I also wonder if anything would have been said or done about this vulnerability if there hadn't been a name or identity to target and make an example of?

(Example being, "don't get smart with us".)

I am starting to think that what you say is the best solution. If you find a system if vulnerable, perhaps it's best to withdraw your funds, close your account, deny all services, and stop doing business with the vulnerable. In this case, time to stop refreshing your name in their database and start buying your transit cards or tokens in person using cash. Cancel the card you used with them or report it stolen to get the card number associated with your account regenerated. Leaving something behind (address, phone number, mother's maiden name)? Make sure to change (scramble) your "account details" before jumping ship.

What good is being done any more by free-lance white-hatting or the old vanguard of "let the company know and when you get the inevitable silent treatment, tell the public"? It's being treated like "vigilantism" even though no real victimization is being perpetrated. It's only against the law because of either idiotic legislators or weird "new world order" style agendas.

Consider a company which would press charges against you for revealing their own vulnerability to them or for forcing the vulnerability into the open to get it fixed. We can easily say that's a company being run ignorantly. Consider a police department that would agree to handle those charges and throw you in the slammer in agreement with some lame law. Consider the obtuse lawmakers who gavel'd that idiot law into being. Consider the largely computer-illiterate -- nay, computer-superstitious -- population that regularly produces all of these idiots. Take all of that into consideration for a moment and ask:

Whom are you going to save, from what, for the benefit of whom, on behalf of whom, as an upstanding citizen of what exactly, and with what as your reward?

You're going to protect a moron company from "criminals", for the benefit of that moronic company lording it over a moronic population manhandled by a moronic police department, on behalf of said moronic police department (in their stead, on their behalf, same thing), as an upstanding citizen of a moronic state featuring a moronic population its moronic legislature passing moronic laws and the moronic police department that enforces those laws, and you're going to be branded a "criminal" and thrown in prison with a bunch of morons as a result.

So, maybe re-think the whole old-school, "for the betterment of civilization" style of white-hatting at all, for anybody, whatsoever. Whether you protect your identity, get thrown in jail, or get heard out and get to see your suggestions taken seriously and resulting in a more secure website, the people you are trying to "help" obviously:

(1) don't need it

(2) don't or can't truly appreciate it

(3) don't deserve it

Pick any combination of the 3, even having one of those 3 present in the relationship calls for an end to the relationship.

If they can't pay -- money, attention, time -- for real competent and intact security, let them get run over. Stop trying to "help". It's probably only contributing to the dumbing down of society, any way.

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