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Comment Re:If it makes you sleep well at night.... (Score 3, Informative) 375

Honestly, France beat the British. Not America.

You know how the Korean War, although ostensibly a war between North and South Korea, was basically a war between the US and China? Yeah. The American Revolution was that, with Britain and France. Of course, our "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!" school system and remnants of Manifest Destiny keep most people from thinking of it in those terms, but yeah, that's how it was. A small American rebellion persisted long enough to sap the British strength until some heavy aid from France was enough to shove them out of a war they no longer really cared for.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

They seem implausible to me then and now. Some of it sounded like something out of a cheap dime store novel. I couldn't see martin making the leap to killing someone because they were carrying a gun to I could see him beating someone like he was observed doing.

Look up "King hit" and you can see how easy it is to kill or severely damage someone with one blow.

Comment Opera (Score 1) 7

Opera... Seriously, they were once great then they kind of fell off the wagon for a bit but they're looking good again. They even support plugins now so you can get Greasemonkey and Ad-Block Plus. It's wonderful again. It's my second browser basically. I still rely on Firefox for most everything but I keep Opera around for when things get funky.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

Testimony from eye witness Mr. Good is that Martin "in the black hoodie" was on top of and winning while "raining" down blows on Zim "in the red sweatshirt" and that it was "probably" Zim who was calling for help. Wasn't sure since Martin was facing away from Mr. Good.

OTH, why would I be beating the hell out of someone and calling for help.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

Evidence submitted by the state shows ZImmerman had a history of this kind of thing.

i.e. calling the police and reporting suspicious circumstances to them and not being overly aggressive.

It was very strange that they would submit all those 911 calls but apparently they were trying to show Zimmerman had reached the breaking point.

To me, it felt like they were making the defense's case for them.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

Perhaps it needs to be more specific.

We have testimony from an eye witness (mr. good) that martin was beating zimmerman in a "rain" of blows "MMA style" in a "ground and pound".


We have a timeline from the 911 call that shows Zimmerman stopped and talked with the operator for close to 2 minutes.


Martin's house was about 200' away from where he was last seen. A normal person walks that in under 60 seconds. It seems reasonable that Martin could have gotten to his house but didn't go there.


I'd be unable to convict for 2nd degree murder if I were on the jury and I've been on several jurys.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

On the 911 call Zim did chase down Martin for about 20 seconds until the 911 operator said, "we don't need you to do that" and he stopped (and he's already winded- terrible shape).

Zim talks to the operator for about 2 minutes and then the call ends.

Then about a minute later the fight is being observed by witnesses with martin on top of zimmerman.

Zimmerman is likely lying about several things (i.e. what martin said while beating Zim). But the 911 data shows that martin had ample time to get home (about 200' -five houses away on the maps).

If I were on the jury, I would have reasonable doubt about whether Zim committed 2nd degree murder and vote not guilty.


My personal theory is that a 17 year old hot head with fighting experience went back to beat up the creepy guy following him.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

Just be careful...
These parts are from Zimmerman's testimony.

Noticed you have a holstered gun and has attempted to grab it, and
Threatened you.

The beating was observed by an eyewitness and it was a world class beating with blows "raining" down on zimmerman in a "ground and pound" MMA type maneuver. The eye witness's story hasn't changed since the night of Martin's death (unlike some of the other witnesses) and he said then and now that Martin was on top of Zimmerman (specifically the guy in the hoodie was on top of the guy in the red sweatshirt).

I don't trust zimmerman but I do trust that when in attempt to break him, he was told there was a video of the entire event he said, "thank god" and was relieved.

And I trust the 911 tape which shows that zimmerman stopped for close to 2 minutes after losing Martin. Martin had ample time to go home yet 3 minutes later he's on top of zimmerman delivering a beating.

Sounds to me like he got mad and went back to confront his follower.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

Yup, about 200' to travel in just under 3 minutes between when Zimmerman stopped and the fight started yet Martin ended back with Zimmerman.

We also have testimony (and a statement taken the night of the incident) from a neighbor who opened the door and observed Martin, on top of Zimmerman, doing a "ground and pound" on Zimmerman and "raining down blows" on him.

You have a right to walk around your neighborhood. Same right applies to both of them. I can follow you all over the neighborhood and your correct option is to call the police- not to start beating me.

We also have testimony from Deedee that she lied in her statement to protect the mother's feelings because the prosecution picked her up- took her to the mother's house and took her statement in front of the mother. In what world does the prosecution take witnesses to the victim's mother's house to make their official statements?

Comment Re:Overthrowing the NSA. (Score 2, Insightful) 413

Quick Q. Why are you defending a leader...

I'm not defending anyone. I'm pointing out that counting noses in a mob isn't a good way to determine "will of the people", and that "breaking campaign promises" isn't sufficient to justify a coup.

That means 2/3rds of the people did not like their choices.

No, that means that 2/3rds of the people didn't vote. If they didn't vote they had no say in the result and no right to complain that it didn't wind up they way they wanted.

It sounds like the people already spoke once by boycotting the election.

Or they didn't vote for any of a thousand other reasons, just like people in the US sometimes don't vote for any number of reasons. The last election held in my area had a whopping 22% turnout. We could claim that means that 78% of the people didn't like any of the selections on the ballot and everyone and everything loses and another election has to be held, or we could admit that they just didn't care enough to vote and those who did care got to make the choices, which is much closer to the truth.

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