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Comment Re:Joke (Score 1) 1721

Uh.. fuck yeah? Also, bush had been in office for 9 months before 9/11 happened, and he hadn't done ANYTHING remotely violent at that point, or even by the point in his term that we are at in Obama's current term. All he did was hang out at the ranch and spout off "i'm a uniter not a divider". And he could have dragged out our role in Yugoslavia that Clinton gave him. So based on current performance, Obama could have yanked our troops from Iraq, and that would arguably be a more "peaceful" action.

So far, Obama is LESS peaceful than Bush with regard to violent actions over time served in office.

Sure, Obama will probably prove to be a far more peaceful president once he's been in office for more than a YEAR. But how on earth can you award a president for less than a year of hardly doing any work? He's got four to eight more years to either fuck up or not. Nobody can know what he'll do.

Shit I hate to godwin this, but how long did it take hitler to start rounding up jews? Was all that done before his tenth month in office was up?

Comment Re:At the Risk of Sounding Like an Apologist (Score 1) 832

also note that venus fly traps only need the flies because their soil is deficient in nitrogen. they don't NEED to feed if they can get sufficient nitrogen from their soil. why can't the sarlac work that way? the answer: because the people criticizing this element in star wars have no imagination.

Same with asteroid worms. A worm sits in a hole in an asteroid that will in all probability never see another space ship other than the millennium falcon. Completely improbable. Now, enter imagination: perhaps the worm doesn't eat space ships, but the asteroid? Perhaps the worm was not trying to eat the ship, but attack it, because it was potentially a threat, or perhaps simply because it was perturbed by the ship (they did shoot the worm in the mouth)?

Comment Re:A Waste of Developer Time (Score 1) 212

If you're a guild leader then you're probably so hardcore into the game that you're already hooked to the game and you're willing to fumble through horrible management UIs.

Game developers don't need to get your attention. They need to get the attention of a bunch of half-witted 12-year-olds and a bunch of 28-year-old guys' girlfriends in order to build up a big enough subscription base in order to earn the first 'M' in MMO.

I think you're making the mistake of assuming that what is right for a minority such as yourself is what will save a fledgeling MMO. I would bet good bones or clams that you're wrong.

Comment Re:I guess I should prepare for extinction then (Score 1) 422

Yes, yes, and I'm sure only a fool would think that no general purpose computer will ever be able to replace the mainframe either, right? I'm sure nobody will ever be able to read books on smart phone, browse the web on smart phones, or watch movies on them either, right? For every mobile task that exists, there must also exist a dedicated device right?

Comment Re:I work in he rental industry (Score 1) 685

We haven't changed out business model per say. But expanded it.

The drastic (as I see it) change has been the way they "eliminated" late fees, with the catch being that your late fee was if you kept the dvd too long you got charged for it and could keep it. Then they changed that again and said that if you keep a disc you got from the store, it counts toward your X movies per month plan. Both of those policies kinda leave the customer between a rock and a hard place (IMHO). Look at how much the rental policy for netflix has changed over the same period of time (it really hasn't, with the exception of adding blu-ray and hd pricing).

We offer an online service to combat net flix.Not sure how its worse?

I said it was failing, not that it was worse. I read somewhere that it was failing. I could be mistaken though.

The only better thing between the two was that Blockbuster allowed me to take the mailers back into the store to get another movie while I waited for my next to be mailed to me.

The in-store crap can be nice, but it's HUGELY dependent on the quality of the BBs that surround you (the ones near me suck). Netflix's instant viewing (while kinda crappy sometimes, with DRM and performance on slower machines, and lack of native support on PS3) pushes netflix waaay into the lead (for me). You didn't mention that one!

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