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Comment Re:This will be followed by a new headline tomorro (Score 2) 380

You put a GUI on a server because not everyone is comfortable with a command line, or are using tools which require a GUI. In my environment, I'm the only Linux guy and if I'm not available and need a Windows Admin to do something, they better have a clicky-clicky or it won't get done. In my environment we also have a third party contractor who supports his point-of-sale software but wants a GUI so he can clicky-clicky through the file system, run a graphical FTP program etc when necessary. He's not willing to install anything other than VNC on his Windows machine.

Comment Re:New energy source? (Score 1) 32

I think now you're getting somewhere. I'm not up to date with current technology but it doesn't seem far-fetched that combining magnetism as a method of confinement with fusion reactions is an evolution in that science. Stepping further, perhaps magnetism could be used as a method of direction of force, or even a method of concentration of force (an additive property rather than just a buffering property).

But what do I know, I'm not a nuclear physicist... perhaps this is all old hat.

Comment Re:How many products reach that internal milestone (Score 1) 193

I don't answer emails, browse the web, or instant message while watching a video on my computer, so why would I want to do that on a phone? It's one thing to see a small alert and totally another to try and compose a reply.

You will find by focusing on one thing, or a very small number of things, you accomplish more than trying to do a bunch of things at once. We just aren't wired that way, and while you may think you're doing more, the science behind it shows that you're not.

Comment Re:funny how everyone 'wants' your phone # (Score 1) 185

Your particular place isn't selling it, good for them and good for you. Why in the world you need a haircut database is beyond me. Do you really have such complicated hair needs that you can't explain it in two sentences? Or are the hair cutters in your area so inexperienced that they can't look at your head when you walk in and narrow it down to a couple of options based on a projected prior style?

Nonsense. They're almost always selling your data. No one has needed databases for haircuts for thousands of years now. It's an invented need.

Comment Re:Blockbuster titles from last year (Score 1) 64

Please mod parent insightful.

I can't even begin to tell you the movies I've searched for on Netflix that just aren't available for streaming now but were available in the past. I've added ones to my instant queue only to see them disappear soon afterward with no warning or notice. Finding movies on the Wii / iPad interface is just awful.

The searching is horrible... although the iPad does show you subgenres you can't for instance filter out all G / PG movies (or vice versa) even on their website. If I want to watch a movie that I can't normally watch because of kids, I shouldn't have to go to a third party site to perform a search. And quit showing me the same crap! If you have thousands and thousands of movies I'd never know because I've already passed over or even rated movies that I don't want to watch again. Leave those in the "play it again" section only. On the Wii / iPad there's no way to see movie viewing history or even to say "I'm not interested" either.

tl;dr: Netflix has a crappy interface, yanks movies from streaming willy-nilly and regularly presents you with movies you don't care about or have already watched. But it's cheap and there aren't any real alternatives I've found. If I had, I would have already switched.

Comment Re:This will obviously help. (Score 1) 511

I totally agree. I live in an upscale community. I was talking to a friend about possibly moving here. They looked at the sex offender counts which were some ridiculous number. I had to explain exactly what you said... I used the example that a 17-year-old having sex with another 17-year-old could technically qualify as a sex offender.

As a parent it helps greatly to weed out these people from the true sex offenders so we can make decisions about where to live. With these definitions the results aren't really usable for determining anything, which is the opposite result from the whole point of publishing that information. If the intent was to drown out the real offenders by throwing a bunch of meaningless data points around, they succeeded.

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 936

She was asked to leave on a prior day and came back. She knew exactly what was going on and is trying to play the poor helpless immigrant card. Maybe she will come back on a future date and get tasered again... if you refuse to leave the premises after the police arrive, the police will likely taser you.

Now whether the tasering was improper is a whole other can of worms. I tend to agree probably not, but that has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with the local police force.

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