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Comment Re:This will obviously help. (Score 1) 511

I totally agree. I live in an upscale community. I was talking to a friend about possibly moving here. They looked at the sex offender counts which were some ridiculous number. I had to explain exactly what you said... I used the example that a 17-year-old having sex with another 17-year-old could technically qualify as a sex offender.

As a parent it helps greatly to weed out these people from the true sex offenders so we can make decisions about where to live. With these definitions the results aren't really usable for determining anything, which is the opposite result from the whole point of publishing that information. If the intent was to drown out the real offenders by throwing a bunch of meaningless data points around, they succeeded.

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 936

She was asked to leave on a prior day and came back. She knew exactly what was going on and is trying to play the poor helpless immigrant card. Maybe she will come back on a future date and get tasered again... if you refuse to leave the premises after the police arrive, the police will likely taser you.

Now whether the tasering was improper is a whole other can of worms. I tend to agree probably not, but that has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with the local police force.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 480

Anyone who has been using office software as long as I have probably finds the ribbon to be disastrous and wasteful. The OpenOffice interface is exactly what I used for many many years and I have no problems locating menu items or using it.

I have Office 2007 because I occasionally need to tell someone exactly what menu item to use, or provide a screenshot or documentation. I really do not use it the rest of the time. I use OpenOffice / LibreOffice and it works very well for my use cases.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 480

I have felt nearly imprisoned by the poor interface, missing functionality, and lack of anyone else to ask when I can't figure something out.

Wow this sounds like a shill thing to say. I don't know of anyone who feels "imprisoned" by an interface, and who can't figure out how to use Google or RTFM.

If you're going for drama, great, you win. If you're trying to be persuasive using facts, you failed miserably.

Comment Re:Let's hope Steam on Linux gathers... steam (Score 1) 553

All software has deficiencies, and in this case a large portion of it is caused by the need to reverse-engineer Microsoft Office behavior. Without even getting into that topic, and as explained by others, even documents created in one version of Microsoft Office and viewed in another version of Microsoft Office -- even the very next version have problems with word wrapping, frame and picture layout, pair kerning etc.

It's a big mistake to pretend that these issues -- again with different versions of Microsoft products -- don't exist and to pretend that somehow LibreOffice / OpenOffice's inability to precisely mimic individual versions of Microsoft Office is some failure on their part. We would all be much better to have some type of real office document standard so our files appear as originally intended. ODF is superior in this regard: .

Comment Re:complain (Score 1) 347

I thought at first that the Apple Maps would be a big deal. I mean, I'd heard about it *everywhere*, so surely it would be a huge step backward.

But you know what? I'm sure it affects somebody, but it works fine for me. Until it becomes a problem for me I don't really care. And Google? I don't trust them as much as I trust Apple, so there you go. Apple just doesn't have that level of personal info on me and Google does. I don't want *any* single company to have so much it's dangerous.

tl;dr? Apple Maps works for me, sorry you're upset but not so sorry I will lose any sleep over it.

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