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Comment Re:Probably not the best idea... (Score 1) 285

You made a sweeping generalization that "every real research institution" was concerned with treating animals humanely. Who appointed you the spokesperson for "every real research institution"? Then you followed that by stating that obviously they would do what's right because of PR.

At best, your logic is specious. It might be correct and it might not, but an analysis of the issue would lead you to other possibilities and reasons. The PR angle is very weak. Even PR over things such as pink slime and meat glue hasn't stopped people from eating meat... and that's something that can eventually kill them. Why do you think the public's interest in lab monkeys would be seen as a more important issue?

A much more reasonable conclusion is that researchers are not universally concerned about the welfare of animals being tested (or why on earth would you want to test things on animals?) and that on occasion, someone gets caught doing something they shouldn't be doing or using excessive brutality. And occasionally activists boil over and take matters into their own hands.

It's as if this were a mystery to you somehow.

Comment Re:Probably not the best idea... (Score 1) 285

After the initial shock, people go right back to doing whatever they were doing before and all is forgotten. Otherwise, we would have all watched Food, Inc or similar shows and quit eating meat because of the barbaric conditions and needless suffering of animals used in the food supply.

If people aren't willing to change because of a cheeseburger, they're not going to give a rat's ass -- and yep that's intentional -- when it comes to preventing the suffering of lab animals.

Comment Re:If new Xbox requires always on internet connect (Score 1) 261

Sounds like a great opportunity to discuss the issue at length with your kids. You may find that the XBox is just a prophylactic for some need that isn't fulfilled.

In place of an XBox, for instance, I bought a Wii. I know it's not a hardcore gamer platform, but my kids don't play violent games. They can do that when they're older if they want; I think my son started around 16 or so. He turned out fine and only hates me as much as any teenager should.

I get them iTunes gift cards and we build things together and cook and go outside and visit parks and cool local events, or go to the beach or the pool or the library and get movies and music and books. In other words -- in the middle of all the other stuff that's out there -- an XBox is such a very small thing. You'd never notice it's not there if you do everything else. YMMV and all that. I just think it's an imaginary duality.

Comment Re:Tens of millions (Score 1) 387

The same way engineers do in every other industry on an everyday basis. I'm not defending that the process is overly convoluted or that I'm not a fan of it. But people have figured out how to do this and it's commonplace. New products arrive daily in every industry.

Quit giving excuses why you can't do something and just go do it... or sit back and complain and watch others show you how. The phrase "can't never could" comes to mind when I converse with you. Surely you're better than that.

Comment Re:Patents on individual features (Score 0) 387

So please clarify what you mean by "copy it".

If you truly don't understand what copying means regarding to patent law, you shouldn't be a part of this discussion. I think it's more likely you're a troll.

By all means, continue to sit around and bitch about it. That will certainly change things (eye roll).

"Can't" is just an excuse. I remember a quote about it: “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” In the meantime, the rest of us will be doing well.

Comment Re:Doing not a great job before a great job (Score 0) 387

Don't be disingenious. People just learning should keep their apps out of the store, rather than me having to wade through them with the result that is the shitstorm of Windows apps. So much of the software there is terrible, and when it's not terrible it's malicious. Adware and unremovable software and Comet Cursors and TWC desktop and all the other shitty shitty apps -- you can keep it on Windows.

Visit your Wal-Mart's $10 PC games section, and let me know how that works out for you. And that's shit that someone actually had published and went to printing and manufacturing and all that. You seriously think letting Aunt Jane upload her app to the store is a good idea?

Perhaps when you've been programming as long as I have, your interpretation of this issue will change. It's my 33rd year since I started, and my 18th or 19th year doing it for a living. Don't pretend that allowing just anyone to upload an app to the store without any vetting results in a good app.

Hell, even Nintendo won't let you develop a game for them unless you've got serious processes in place. No doubt you're pissed about that also.

Comment Re:Fanboy attack (Score 2, Insightful) 387

Speaking of "douche", wow, it must be your monthly.

Different people have different needs and different desires, and if I want to use a disposable keyboard with my laptop and throw it away when the keys get Cheetos in them and the letters worn off, that's my fucking prerogative. If I want to do that with my iPad, again it's my money, not yours.

Can you dig it?

Comment Re:Apple v. Samsung (Score 0) 387

Apple has sued companies that copied their product. So you can't copy it. The fact that there are dozens of different models available today from multiple vendors shows that it's possible. Or make your own. Nothing stopping you there.

Again, just don't copy Apple's product. Don't you think if you copied a BMW 300's design they would sue you? Duh. If you don't have something new to contribute then you don't have an invention, and you don't deserve to have a place in the market.

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