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Comment Re:Maybe something everybody can use? (Score 1) 393

What? I did my test last year and I personally guarantee that changing a wheel, or even being asked how to, is not part of the test. During the test they may ask two out of a number of vehicle safety checks but as you'll see, the closest question to being asked to change the wheel is to identify when the tyre needs changing.
Perhaps it is part of the Pass Plus course?

Comment Re:Windows Upgrades (Score 1) 570

The "DRM" everyone goes on about is simply *support* to allow play DRM'd media that you couldn't otherwise. It doesn't add any additional locks.
Do P2P apps work properly? Yes.
Are there unexplained phone-homes? Probably for WGA, but that's true with XP too.
Can I still play out-of-region CDs? Yes.
Do I have to fight UAC like someone with Vista? Less so, though this has nothing to do with DRM and more to do with protecting your machine.
Can I copy any standard file type on to any standard media? Yes.

Presumable Daemon tools can be reinstalled and is just removed because the extra drives it installs have drivers that don't work with the upgrade process. It seems this is the norm with most other non-standard drivers for the vista-> 7 upgrade process

Comment Re:Is it just me (Score 1) 130

A couple of reasons spring to mind:
Use of the phone clients (iPhone, Android and soon to be Symbian)
Higher quality
Also while the P2P feature exists it isn't actually enabled yet (according to wikipedia) but I can imagine if/when it is, subscribers will be able to opt out of the service.

Obviously, if you don't think it's worth it, you don't have to subscribe, but to many people it is. And I presume as it grows in popularity the music collection on there will expand to provide some of those "mega bands" you mention. (Though quite why anyone would listen to Metallica is beyond me. Yawn.)

Personally I'd pay for this just for the ability to listen instantly on my phone and discover new artists as they are suggested to me while I'm out and about instead of having to pay for a track I find I don't like or go the illegal route and hunt around for a download and then wait for it to complete.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 407

Its sort of like a lot of drugs - its not illegal to take 'em, but its illegal to buy, sell, possess, or be under their influence. With DVDs, its legal to make a copy for backup, but its illegal to create a means of making that backup.

Doesn't taking them mean you both both possess them and are under their influence?

Comment Re:I always maintained blue ray was moot (Score 3, Informative) 685

To be fair I think that sounds like a one off, and a bit of an knee jerk response on your part. I've personally not noticed that issue with any HD films I've seen (though I've not seen 300 in HD, the film sucked enough in SD). Blade Runner, for instance, looks absolutely stunning, as does Planet Earth, and the Pixar films look gorgeous too.
I'd give it another go before I make my decision on one, very poor, film.
Additionally, I'd get your mate to check he hasn't turned the sharpness of the image on the tv way up as this can cause JPEG-esque blocky artifacts to appear.

Comment Re:Motion control doesn't work (Score 2, Interesting) 131

I expect it will have best effect when used as a combination of the controller and the motion sensing, i.e. for motion sensing leaning round from cover could be done fairly trivially wheras it obviously won't cut it for running across a battlefield.
How about casting spells in Oblivion style games etc. Having heard that Natal is capable of tracking 42 joints (or something) I don't think it's too hard to imagine casting different spells by using alternating hands and hand gestures. Maybe even something elaborate like drawing a shape in the air ala Black & White's gesture system for the more complicated to cast spells.
What about using hand signals to command your squad like the real army do? e.g. halt, herringbone formation etc.
I'm sure if I can churn out these ideas in just a minute of idle thought then they'll find some interesting ways of integrating them with FPS.

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