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Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 3, Insightful) 630

I'm Canadian, so I'm no expert on American law, but are you sure that's a valid interpretation of double jeopardy? The additional rapes, it seems, would indicate separate offenses, not protected by double jeopardy. On a similar note, just because you've been acquitted of one murder does not grant you the right to slaughter people left and right without recourse.

Comment Re:without any humans ever having been involved (Score 1) 898

That's because our whole Canadian car insurance system is FUBAR'd.

The fact that some provinces hold public insurance systems not only causes problems for those provinces, but others too. It makes it hard for any insurance company (a tricky and expensive business at the best of times) to penetrate the Canadian market (why bother incorporating in Canada if half the country is right out anyway?) and the result is corrupt insurance companies no better than the others.

What we need to do is legislate at the federal level and privatize insurance in all the provinces. I'm not saying we need to kick out the NDP's prized public insurance altogether (it would anger too many socialists and split the left and right further) but severely reduce it. Perhaps a dual-insurance system where crown insurance exists but capitalist insurance is also an option alongside it? In BC we've already taken a step in the right direction - collision insurance no longer needs to be purchased from ICBC and can be bought from a private insurer. Now if we make the whole thing optional, I think we can satisfy both groups (the socialists can still get their insurance with the associated tax benefits from public insurance while others can go and insure privately).

Submission + - Prince Sues Youtube, eBay, among others ( 1

freyyr890 writes: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince has announced his intention to sue numerous websites such as Youtube, eBay, and The Pirate Bay for allegations of copyright infringement, and has enlisted the help of Web Sheriff to help him take down his work which has been posted on the internet. Prince accuses these websites of not making an effort to filter his work from other user's uploads.

Submission + - Judge Strikes Down Patriot Act ISP/Telco Tap (

slughead writes: A PC World article posted September 6 states that Judge Victor Marrero, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has struck down the Dept. Of Justices ability to utilize National Security Letters to gain access to customer records from ISPs and phone companies. National Security Letters (NSL's) are essentially 'self-written warrants' as described by former Judge Andrew Napolitano in this Cato Institute meeting (20:40). As a side note, the ability to write these NSL's to get documents was expanded to include hotels, casinos, restaurants, bodegas, lawyers' offices, real estate agents offices, and the POST OFFICE by the Foreign Intelligence Authorization Act, signed December 14, 2003. This act allows the government to read your postal mail without a warrant and without your knowledge.

Submission + - How do you DMCA a tattoo off of a person?

dmn writes: Shannon Larratt (of the BMEzine fame) recently posted a challenge at modblog for someone to tattoo the recently published HD DVD key on them and test what happens if they go public. From the first post:

"Any site that lists the AACS key/crack is getting legal takedown notices if someone gets it tattooed, would a lawsuit forcing them to never show it to anyone be launched? Would they try and force a removal?".
Well someone did take the challenge. From the second post:

"So how do you DMCA a tattoo off of a person? Am I allowed to tell people that its a 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 tattoo? Is a magazine permitted to print photos of this tattoo? Can the tattoo artist or shop (Good Faith Tattoos, Boston) be sued? Can the person wearing the tattoo be sued? Can a corporation force a medical procedure (a tattoo removal)? Can they force him to always wear a shirt? Well, Rich from The New Freedom has decided to be the bait!".

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