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Comment Re:Good crypto is born secret, even in the US (Score 1) 87

How about NSA's Type I ciphers? They are classified TOP SECRET. Would you say they are "weak" or "badly designed?" Do you think NSA keeps them secret because they believe in security through obscurity?

Surely they keep them secret because they don't want other people/countries using them.
Or do they provide a closed implementation for everyone to use?

Comment Re:ECC is old (Score 1) 357

Weird signature.
Try this: 1^0 = 1; 2^0 = 1; 1^0 = 2^0; 1 = 2;
I can misuse math too!

Or, for those of you who aren't comfortable doing XOR in your heads, here is a similar one with plus:
1 + 7 = 1; 9 + 6 = 1; 1 + 7 = 9 + 6; 8 = 5; 1 = 0.
Sorry, mcelrath, I'm honestly curious.
Is there a joke here that I am missing?

Comment Re:How to (not) get people to use your OS... (Score 1) 946

now [Linux is] used in probably a billion devices around the globe ... phones

I hope you aren't talking about Android here. Android should no more count towards "Linux" marketshare than OS X should count towards "BSD Unix" marketshare. It's in there all right, but all the parts that make it what people want to use are put on top by somebody else.

Unlike traditional Linux on the desktop, which is all Torvalds' work?

Comment Re:Would love to see... (Score 2) 186

I am sure that Mitt Romney will be happy to explain how he would never use his power to invalidate a decision of judiciary and prevent the Marshal's Service from going about their normal duties.

And like all lying politicians, the second he's elected he'll go back on his word and do what he wants anyway, just like every president has done. What's your point?

The point is that he would take advantage of the situation to make himself look better than Obama, in the lead-up to the election. What you said was implied by the original poster, but beside the point.

Comment Re:I'm actually trying to be nice when I say this. (Score 4, Insightful) 85

Yes, they _blatantly_ named it Panguite in honor of the Linux operating system... Are you retarded?

On a side note, can anybody clean up this gibberish?

Panguite (IMA 2010-057), (Ti4+,Sc,Al,Mg,Zr,Ca)1.8O3, is a new titania, occurring as fine-grained crystals with Ti-rich davisite in an ultra-refractory inclusion within an amoeboid olivine inclusion from the Allende CV3 carbonaceous chondrite.

I feel like I suddenly don't understand english?

I am not a geologist, but...
Panguite [discovery ID?], [chemical composition etc.], is a new [titanium mineral] occurring as fine-grained crystals with [titanium]-rich [other mineral also discovered in the same meteorite] in a [high melting-point] [section] within an [irregularly shaped] [other mineral] [section] from the [meteorite].

Does anybody who actually knows what they're talking about want to chime in?

And, for people who still had trouble with the above:
Panguite is a new [mineral], occurring [with other minerals] [in a meteorite]. :P

Comment Re:LZO Licensing (Score 1) 221

Somehow I doubt that purchasing a commercial license to the library requires you to tell the library author what program(s) you will use it for.
So, the author might have their name on his list of sales; but how would he know which one it was?

Comment Re:That's not funny (Score 1) 199

and are a pest.

And I stopped reading here. Calling something a "pest" is an opinion. While they may annoy you, cockroaches fill a biological niches, just like anything else that annoys you (from virii to noxious bacteria to your mother-in-law). They have a purpose, whether or not you choose to recognize it. Calling something a pest is akin to saying "I like purple!" It is devoid of actual meaning or constructive argument. Please reconstruct your argument and try again.

I read that as shorthand for "and are a type of animal that we deliberately slaughter en masse because they annoy us and get in our way, and most people are fine with that, to the extent that there is a respected and legal profession specialising in that exact activity."
The word "pest" can be used casually to mean "something I don't like", but it also means a member of a broad and ill-defined class of animals and plants, e.g. "A pest is an animal which is detrimental to humans".
GP was using it in that sense, which definitely includes cockroaches, and your objections are beside the point.

Comment Re:Does it still suck? (Score 1) 363

if by locked down, you mean on by default, but you can still turn off, you begin to have a point.

I'm not sure why hardware won't work on other systems since it on'y there to tell windows it's a certified piece of hardware. If the OS doesn't care about it, then it won't matter.

I'm pretty sure the idea is that the motherboard will refuse to boot into any unsigned bootloader / OS.

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