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Comment Re:Really cool ... (Score 1) 209

Just imagine what we lost when the idiot Christians burned the Library of Alexandria. Just imagine how much was lost in ideas because if stupid laws or traditions in a certain islam bible. Just imagine how many scientists were killed in early society in general because their ideas or understanding was greater than some monarch, and we cant have that! Humanity has gone out of it's way to destroy knowledge in the name of hating change. Organized political Religion (Catholic church, Radical Islam, Moonies, David Koresh, Church of the Latter Day saints, Scientology, etc....) is simply a powerful tool to help spread hate and control. None of these religions have ANY use other than to keep certain people in power and rich at the expense of others. Knowledge levels the playing field, therefore heads of powerful organizations go out of their way to SQUASH knowledge as it threatens their power and might. Not all religion does this, but the ones that have a few that benefit greatly over the control of a large group of followers does.

[CITATION NEEDED] Just so you know, your understanding of history has no basis in reality. Spend some time reading, or at least on google.

Comment They may or may not help with your job (Score 2) 913

They will help with your life. When your boss asks you to do something unethical, what do you do? When you vote in an election, who do you vote for? When you realize that zeros and ones are not all there is to life, what do you fall back on? I am happy if you went to a good high school that gave you the basics. That will prepare you for a good college that will challenge you further, to think and learn in ways that you do not expect.

Comment oblig (Score 1) 220

And as another side-note, I don't envy the Blizzard employees that have to deal with beta tester feedback. The beta community forums are horrible which is why I don't feel like I can effectively provide any feedback or criticism. It's an immature forum full of players whining, where most arguments include some form of "you're retarded" remarks and where a bunch of platinum-level players acts like anyone from a lower league is automatically wrong about any issue. Gah.

Comment Re:Audio/Videophiles Beware (Score 3, Insightful) 397

If you assist a shady deal, you share responsibility for that shady deal. If you have the choice of assisting in a shady deal, or selling nothing, the better choice is to sell nothing. Of course the best option is to figure out how to make money without selling dishonest goods. You also seem to be saying, "It is the customer's fault for being an idiot." Tell me when you car gets stolen, is it your fault for not putting a tracker on it? When you get mugged, is it your fault for not taking combat training? We can't be good at everything. It is the moral obligation of the experts to not steal from the non-experts.

Comment Re:It is not a question of technology (Score 1) 619

Would you prefer there be no government at all, to handle the serious issues of our daily lives?

Didn't say that, now did I? The government's primary job is to defend freedom. This requires military, police, health regulations, etc. There also should be schools, because a uneducated populace can cannot understand freedom. There also must be pollution and fraud regulations to prevent business from encroaching on the freedoms of the individual. I do not intend this to be a treatise on government, so realize that this is not a complete list.

Power consumption is something that you probably wouldn't worry about if it weren't for your energy bill. I personally would rather have a tyrant running my life for me to ensure a sustainable future for our species. If Freedom comes at the cost of our planet, I don't want any of it.

Ah, but how do you pick the tyrant? See Wrath0fb0b's answer here.

Comment Re:It is not a question of technology (Score 1) 619

You have been lied to. There is an approximately infinite amount of energy available. All we have to do to access it is build power plants, and mine the necessary resources. With solar and wind, you don't even have to mine. California politicians, in there very limited wisdom, can almost never get there act together to allow power plants to be built.

Comment Re:It is not a question of technology (Score 1) 619

Where was I? I'm the same place I always am. It would be lovely if politicians would listen to me, but so far I haven't had much success. This is why I am talking to you. Only when enough people demand freedom will politicians listen. I agree that there should be no subsidies for anything. The carrot is just as corrosive to freedom as the stick. Pollution is a somewhat different issue, since one person polluting encroaches on the freedom of another. For this reason, the government must be involved. However, zero pollution is not technically possible at this time, short of killing all humans.

Comment It is not a question of technology (Score 3, Insightful) 619

It is a question of freedom. The more power we give the government, the more they will take. The more power the take, the less we will have. At some point, we will realize that we are living in a tyranny and the only way to change things will be with guns. I'd rather stop this now, when no guns are necessary. All that you need to be free, is to be willing to have your neighbor be free as well.

Comment Re:Of course, I didn't RTFA (Score 1) 234

If free will is an illusion, then there is no "should," there is only "must." We do what the laws of physics require: no more, no less. If we lock up criminals, we do it because that is what our program tells us to do. If we murder, we do that because that is what our program tells us to do. You cannot ascribe right to wrong to a human any more than you can ascribe right or wrong to a hurricane. Both are mere a collection of atoms, moving under laws, yes?

Comment Re:Of course, I didn't RTFA (Score 1) 234

There's also an unexamined assumption here (yet another example of Christianity's baleful influence on our culture) that people can actually choose to be good or bad.

If people cannot choose to be good or bad, there is no such thing as good or bad. If there is no such thing as bad, Chistianity cannot be bad (or baleful, as you put it.) Hmm. Seems to be a contradiction. You may want to check your premises.

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