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Comment Creepy (Score 1) 2

Of course it sounds creepy. It was then, and it still is now.
But are the implicit criteria that are currently in effect to select the "haves" and de-select the "have-not's" on this planet any better?
On an overcrowded planet, when one wants to think about population and birth reduction, one can't write that down without at least some speculation on selection criteria.
The real danger is in giving a (small) group of people this power of selection, no matter what the criteria will be (though the ones mentioned here make up a creepy set indeed!).
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Comment So that's what interstellar wars look like (Score 1) 101

So now we've seen the end (or the beginning?) of the first interstellar war. I wonder how much more we'll see in the coming years?
Only 600 million years for a star system with planets to form and one or more civilisations to evolve, then discover and annihilate each other is quite a respectable feat!

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