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Comment Re:Easy to bypass 3rd-party-cookie-blocking via CN (Score 1) 369

Then they become 'responsible' for the content served, including malware-infested ads. So long as that responsibility is enforcible, i.e. I can sue a site for sending me malware, then I see this as a good thing.

For that matter, why haven't the large ad networks been sued for 'hacking' i.e. serving malware?

Comment Re:Not that simple (Re:Online Advertising Response (Score 1) 369

I also think this could block lots of cookies used for SSO. Some people do actually like to be able to log using their twitter or github credentials.

I log into StackExchange with Google SSO and I have no problem typing in my password to do so. In fact, I find it disturbing that sometimes I _don't_ have to.

Note that StackExchange stores the login cookie between browser sessions, so I find that I only have to 'log in' about once a month or so, but I use the site daily.

Comment Re:Nissan's approach (Score 1) 170

My Nissan LEAF also tracks all your driving. Nissan's solution to the question of privacy is to pop a dialog on the in-dash touchscreen every time the car is started, asking you if you want to send your data to them. Unless you press "Yes", that drive is not tracked.

Correction: Your Nissan LEAF also tracks all your driving.

Comment Re:We can't handle nuke waste in few central place (Score 1) 368

If you read the article, the reactions only work if you subject it to THz wave EM energy. So damaging this type of reactor would only ever have one kind of effect... it would stop working and go back to being a big lump of inert metal. Assuming it works in the first place after all.

Only after all the secondary products decay. According to another poster, this thing produces a product with a 100 year half life, that is only slightly less radioactive than plutonium 238 (88 years). How long do you plan on waiting for that to "go back to being a big lump of inert metal"?

Comment Re:14 LY from earth? (Score 2) 132

Bet-al-Geuse: The house of Geuse.

The armpit is called "the house of the shoulder" in Semetic languages, so "house of Geuse" could be understood as "armpit of Geuse". Actually, the "Bet" is thought to be a misreading of "Yad" (very similar letters in Arabic) and the name was originally "Yad al Jauza" or the "hand of Jauza". I've yet to discover who Jauza is / was but I still do have some resources to check, just not the time!

If you or your lecturer are interested in any other star names, you can contact me. My Gmail username is the same as my /. username. In fact, I'm leaving later today for a ten day vacation to the arctic circle to see the northern nights for the first time, so you'll have to wait for an answer!

Comment Re:ignorant (Score 2) 131

In a multi-body system there do exist balistic trajectories from one body which do not intersect either body again. However, the moon is too small and too distant to provide the effect from Earth. Conversely, I do believe that such trajectories could exist from the moon.

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