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Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 432

Let's say I have something in python that was developed on python 2.5 and is in maintenance now. The correct question is why would I demand python 2.7 suddenly?

Actually, I just recently started a new project and I'm coding it in Python 2.7 despite the fact that I much prefer Python 3 (byte/str makes sense in Python3, str/unicode in Python2 was and is a mess). The reason is that Python 3 does not have a decent MySQL connector. I hear complaints about thrid-party developers (mysqlf included) not supporting Python 3, but core Python language bindings that we depend upon don't yet even support Python 3. Here, let me quote to you directly from my project's FAQ:

Why no Python3 support?
There is no MySQL connector for Python3 yet.

According to `git blame` I added that entry on 2013-12-04, just about a month ago.

Here is the project for those interested in a database explorer with a focus on breadth, not depth:

Comment Re:Interesting concept, terrible website presentat (Score 1) 124

I've seen a few Slashdot links to this "medium" website recently. I think it hosts single pages from different authors in a format that is supposed to be comfort able to read on a tablet computer. Just my guess, I don't have a tablet that will show this type of page (just a hacked e-ink Nook running Android).

I now check where the link leads before clicking it in the fine summary as well as the comments. If it leads to "medium" I don't even follow the link anymore.

Comment Re:Good point! (Score 1) 169

Then perhaps you'd like to post this as well:
Twister will never see widespread adoption if users have to compile it for their platform. Unless and until pre-compiled binaries are available, most people will avoid it like the plague.

Sure, Firefox never got widespread adoption. I happen to remember when we had to compile it (it was called Phoenix back then).

Comment Re:Will be interesting ... (Score 4, Insightful) 106

It's just a bloody simple system of differential equations. n bodies, each has a location (3 coordinates) and a speed vector (3 coordinates), so you have six equations. The speed is obviously the derivative of the location, and the theory gives you the equation to calculate the derivative of the speed. Look up Fehlberg or "Adaptive Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg" and you are there.

That's Newton.

With relativity things get hard, quick. Both time (thus, speed) and space (thus, speed and distance) dilate, mass changes (thus, the attractive forces between bodies and thus their acceleration, and thus their speed, and thus their location), and some other oddities.

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