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Comment Re:Mantle API (Score 3, Insightful) 188

It doesn't really matter since there are only two videocard vendors now,...

There are only two operating systems in widespread use now, so I should go write my new software in .Net and Objective C/Cocoa? There is only one Office Producitivity software suite in widespread use now, so I should release documents in .docx format? There is only one web browser, so I should only test sites in IE and ignore the standards?

The more we entrench the already-entrenched mono/duopolies, the harder it will be to get out of that mess.

Comment Re:Diana Moon Glampers: UX Designer (Score 2) 729

First they hide the feature. They they claim telemetry says nobody uses it. Then they take it away. (Never mind the fact that the sort of user who does use the feature either delays the upgrade, hacks around the limitation, and is likely to pre-emptively disable telemetry as a matter of course.)

What did you think that the telemetry was there for? Now you know. Stop disabling it if you want the features that you use to continue to be included.

Comment Re:GNOME: We don't want Microsoft to have all the (Score 1) 729

GNOME has been doing it since the 2.0 release more than a decade ago. Microsoft has nothing on them.

I would like to take the chance to mention that I've moved almost an entire office from Windows to Kubuntu based on "little things" like an integrated system monitor that shows temp, the ability to set an arbitrary window as "always on top" and middle-click paste. I am so glad that I didn't move them to a Gnome-based distro now!

Comment Re:Windows and Mac binaries: difficult (Score 1) 176

It can be very difficult. My scientific plotting package, veusz, was written using Python and Qt, so it should be easily portable. However setting up a sensible developer environment on Windows to compile the Python C extensions was a nightmare.

I would love if you would expand on how you did set up. I'm working on a small Python / Qt (pyside) application that I would love to make available, but I would need to know how to create a Windows installer. I do have other open-source software on Github, by the way, but it is all libraries.

Comment Re:Approachable download for the way! (Score 1) 176

Know any example of a Windows-compatible open source project that doesn't distribute binaries?

Gimp and Krita for two.

For a precompiled binary of a decent image-editing application on Windows, only Photoshop and come to mind. I'm not even sure if Blender currently has Windows binaries.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 111

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, gases are indeed fluids (for a given value of fluid).

That is not counter-intuitive. It does, however, depend on understanding the difference between a fluid and a liquid.

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