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Comment Re:TFA is full of crap ! (Score 2) 207

It's not about USA per se.

The entire thing is actually a reflection of the arrogance of those so-called "UNTOUCHABLES"

The entire thing is actually a reflection of the public's apathy. The real issue is now that the spying has been brought to the forefront of attention, the time has come for society to decide which fork in the road Western society will take: the ever-present surveillance route or the privacy-respecting route. The government agencies, and at their bidding the established media, are taking the stance that spying is the new norm. Twitter and Slashdot readers think that privacy should be the new norm. Arguably, neither have been a 'norm' until now.

Comment Re:Change logs matter (Score 2) 162

Elimination is a stupid move. It's a triumph of marketing at the cost of we who must run this shit.

And make no mistake: it will be elimination. Elimination of your software from many clients' servers / desktops.

People like me won't run your software anymore. I cannot risk having your developers changing code running on my critical systems without so much as telling me what they change. I can usually infer the 'why', but they must tell me the 'what'. You don't mention if your customers have access to the code source or not, but in either case a concise human-formatted changelog is such a basic requirement that I am actually disturbed about an upstream provider even considering removing it.

Comment Re:EC2 is scriptable (Score 4, Insightful) 80

EC2 is inherently scriptable. There's nothing stopping you from using the command-line tools to fire up an instance, and let it run, and store its results to S3, and then decommission the instance.

You are correct that what you propose is easy and well documented. However, that is not what the OP needs.

The OP needs lower-priced spot instances, which are intermittently available and designed exactly for this workflow. When the entire AWS datacenter has some spare capacity, these spot instances turn on for those who requested them to run (usually to crunch data that is not time-sensitive). The use and configuration of these instances is not so well documented, probably because you cannot run a webserver on them and that seems to be the focus of much AWS documentation. However, it is exactly these 'spot instances' which are in my opinion the genius of the cloud: they let the heavy, non-time-critical work (i.e. scientific computing) be done when the webservers and mailservers aren't so busy, thus flattening out the daily CPU demand curve.

The OP should start here:

And end here:

Comment Re:Change your passwords ASAP! (Score 2) 152

Then change banks, and tell them why.

I called Bank Leumi monthly for years about Firefox-on-Linux compatibility and they always told me that "it is in the works". I finally left the bank for another bank (Poalim) after sitting with the new bank's manager in his office with my Fedora laptop (~2009) checking that their site works on my system. When it did, I changed banks and wrote letters about why to both banks' presidents.

Comment Re:Still no MonoDevelop 4.2 (Score 1) 113

When are we gonna get a Linux distro with the modern version of MonoDevelop.

Call it a trap all you want, it's still a dream of mine to write MVC 4 apps under Linux, using the most recent version of MonoDevelop.

If you need MonoDevelop then you are ostensibly a developer. As a developer, can you not build and install it yourself?

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