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Comment Re:They just don't seem to get the message (Score 1) 212

All those images that you mention should have a long-term cache set on them.

In my limited experience writing web applications, I've have files that I would long-term cache (1 year, such as .png images) and no cache (actual dynamic pages). The site homepage I might set to cache for 1 hour or so. Also, the client client could set the "If-Modified-Since" header. This is a solved problem, with many solutions for different use cases. Also, the 'store data on the client' idea is also a solved problem with cookies. If a page needs a more dynamic cache than what is available, then use a cookie to set the version of each page that is had. I suppose that the etag is like a per-page cookie as opposed to a per-site cookie (only guessing) which might have some advantage if the dev is uncreative enough to use real cookies properly.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 5, Insightful) 427

Face it, espionage has been a fact of life between governments since at least the time of the ancient Greeks...

And soon, it we don't so something about it:
Year 4026, in the Human's Republic of Earth: "Face it, government surveillance of citizens in their own homes has been a fact of life since at least the time of the ancient American empire..."

Comment Re:They just don't seem to get the message (Score 1) 212

You might think at this point that companies and advertisers start getting the message. Instead, they just keep finding more and sleazier ways.

Which companies? You do realize that this is a browser feature, right? Mozilla et. al. introduced this into the browser, not some third-party. Go look up the Bugzilla page and commit for this feature for the guy's name and contact info.

Comment Re:What is it about the Nook? (Score 1) 132

The Nook Simple Touch does have those buttons.

If you ask me (which I guess the OP did), the Nook Simple Touch is a great little device, but the Nook Tablets are worthless. Since you can get the Nook App on just about any tablet (including Windows 8 tablets) you might as well get a tablet you actually want and then just install that, if you really want to use Nook ebooks on a tablet. There's no compelling reason to get a Nook Tablet.

Another thing is that the Nook Simple Touch is very easily rooted. After rooting I've got a backlit $120 e-ink tablet running full Android.

I mostly use it to review Anki, but it is adequate for browsing in Opera, reading books, or most anything else that a tablet does. Without the backlight but with wifi the battery lasts at least 10-12 hours of use, and the screen is absolutely the best screen I've ever use, on any mobile or stationary device.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 1233

The fact that the SUMMARY leaves out this very important point shows how bad the editors are.

I fail to see where the guy's religion comes into the picture. There is a difference between profiling and between hating Muslims. One is a security measure, the other is bigotry.

Oh, and I'm an Israeli jew. Half my good neighbours are Muslims. Of course, my country has an existential threat, not a power-hungry government, so our citizens are able to make this distinction.

Comment Re:The U.S. government is EXTREMELY corrupt. (Score 1) 986

Right, I mentioned that in my second paragraph.

Though I will admit, googling it and seeing the photo of it was actually an emotional experience. I wonder when the next time a creature lays eyes upon it will be, and what type of creature that might be.


Comment Re:The U.S. government is EXTREMELY corrupt. (Score 1) 986

Other than a flag on the moon marking one of our pinnacle moments of advancement.

Actually, you don't even have a lag on the moon anymore. You haven't been there to maintain it for 40 years, and it was already completely bleached white from the sun after only 10 years.

You do have a few well-preserved artifacts of 1960s manufacturing techniques on the moon, but nothing else.

Comment Re:Early days yet (Score 4, Insightful) 209

who the hell volunteers to be infected by Malaria?

Heros. Not cape-wearing crime-fighting heros like you find in comic books, but real heros that put themselves in danger to advance mankind. When you meet the uneducated African sustenance farmer who volunteered to be exposed to Malaria, you should treat his as you would treat Cook, or Armstrong, or Bouazizi

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