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Comment Re:Change your passwords ASAP! (Score 2) 152

Then change banks, and tell them why.

I called Bank Leumi monthly for years about Firefox-on-Linux compatibility and they always told me that "it is in the works". I finally left the bank for another bank (Poalim) after sitting with the new bank's manager in his office with my Fedora laptop (~2009) checking that their site works on my system. When it did, I changed banks and wrote letters about why to both banks' presidents.

Comment Re:Still no MonoDevelop 4.2 (Score 1) 113

When are we gonna get a Linux distro with the modern version of MonoDevelop.

Call it a trap all you want, it's still a dream of mine to write MVC 4 apps under Linux, using the most recent version of MonoDevelop.

If you need MonoDevelop then you are ostensibly a developer. As a developer, can you not build and install it yourself?

Comment Re:So the telemarketers know who's worth harrassin (Score 1) 136

Unlike URLs, it's easy to brute force phone numbers from their hashes. Phone numbers are short and often have low entropy, from what I have seen the arbitrarily assignable part is usually no more than 8 digits, the rest being related to geographic region etc. Even with say 10-11 digits it is trivial for a GPU.

You are right and it presents an interesting problem! I would love to hear a solution, other than downloading the entire database to every device.

Comment Re:So the telemarketers know who's worth harrassin (Score 4, Interesting) 136

...to weed out the burner phones from the high-quality ones.

What do you want to bet those "high quality" numbers quickly become a target for telemarketers to plunder? :p

I came to say this. How is this not obvious? Or is that the actual reasoning behind the list?

I think that this should be done in a fashion similar to how Google Chrome checks if addresses are malware. When your phone rings, md5 the phone number and send it off to be checked against a blacklist of known telemarketers. If it's not on the list and the call is marketing, then add it. Maybe I'll make an app for that.

Comment Re:Old silent SIM firmware (Score 1) 352

Though an amazing bit of engineering, the Thing has nothing to do with this discussion. For one thing, the antenna would not fit in a modern cell phone. For another, the Thing has other limitations which make it impractical here, such as transmitting analogue-only information (essentially, sound only).

If you are suggesting that some 'magic' or clever engineering might come up with a way to increase the viable distance to a receiver, I would love to see it. But that argument is too general and could be made in any argument. Thus, invalid in all arguments until shown to be practical.

Comment Re: yet another programming language (Score 1) 168

Libraries only provide new functions and types. Go look at mathlab or (shudder) labview for some examples of domain-specific datatypes (not simply classes built on the common primitives) and paradigms.

Surely you are not suggesting that the field of particle physics should be using the same tools as the field of psychiatry? That materials engineers should be using the same tools as palaeontologists?

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